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...dy vrs Jason left off! A new idea , a new film! I seen an interview tho where Robert said he would never play Freddy again because he's getting to old to do it now, with hrs of make up and long hrs daily of filming, plus he cant do his own stunts anymore and IM sure theres more to it with him not being involved in remake also imo hes rich and doesnt need to do Freddy anymore. Id love him to come back for at least one more! I believe the rights to A Nightmare on Elm Street have been sold to a new company, cant remember if New Line Cinema did the remake? The 2010 remake was a nightmare its self, so awful , I hated it really and I hate to say that but they massacred the movie and characters! It sucked I remember dozing off in theater watching thinking omg wtf have they done to Freddy and the legacy of A Nightmare on Elm st. Its sad and a major dissapointment really for us fans. I would like them to remake freddys revenge tho if nothing else. Stick to remaking it with a modern take on it and more bang for the movie goers/fans bux! The first remake had added different characters with some original and I remember a girl named Chris or Kristen in it and am thing wth she was a character in Dream Warriors and the actress was and looked 30 something with the rest of teens in her class looking late teens to 20s lol what a mess it was!

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