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Before I talk any further about the amazing trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, the great Suicide Squad trailer, or anything about the DCEU... let's talk Superman!

Yes, yes! Superman is one of, or if not, the greatest superhero ever created and started the genre! He paved the way for basically every superhero character. He accomplished many things, he's inspirational, and is arguably the strongest comic book character! Of course people love this guy, RIGHT!?!

Not Exactly. Superman is simultaneously the most hated character ever. There are various reason why people hate his character so much, but I'll narrow it down!


Superman bench pressing the Earth for 5 days
Superman bench pressing the Earth for 5 days

Yeah, Superman seems overpowered most of the time due to the fact he was made to be perfect. There are times he does lose to people. Red Sun energy, Divine Magic, Kryptonite, he holding back, or anything! Depending on the writer and the story, Superman is no joke.

Boring Character

This goes hand and hand with overpowered. If you have a character who's basically unbeatable, how can there be character development? Where do you go off from there? Many say he's a boring character because we never truly see anything challenge him.

Since Superman's creation, many have thrown he in fictional fights with other characters from different universes. Hulk, Thor, Sentry, He-Man, Gladiator, Hyperion, the list goes on, but the most notable one is the one and only...


I'm going into spoiler territory if you haven't seen the rematch!

Superman wins again taking a full on kamehameha wave and kills Goku by lobotomy. Many hate Screw Attack even more now, but others actually understand. They had an explanation that fans are still split on. Why not wait until Dragon Ball Super is over? Why not use New-52 Superman since he's arguably stronger than Pre-52? Why wasn't the fight much longer?

Anyway, There are many characters that are said to break limits or have no limits at all. These characters (such as the Hulk) have a pretty big fan base, and so does Superman! Goku constantly trains to get stronger and beats his opponent, but it's a pattern. Train, get stronger, beat villain. That's a pattern with virtually all characters, except Superman (for the most part). Superman gains control of the powers he usually already has, didn't know he had them.

Super Flare
Super Flare

Regardless, you see characters break limits a lot, so why so much hate for the Big Blue Boy Scout?

He's a Boy Scout!

That's not the only argument, but you get it! Has the power to destroy civilizations, but ALWAYS holds back! He never really cuts loose!

Recently in DC You, Superman temporarily lost most of his powers, but somewhat retains his character traits!

Read Action Comics #41 to get a better look. There are times Clark wants to cut loose, but he rather not kill! Let's just put this in perspective. Superman is different from the usually character archetypes.

Maybe not, but hear me out! Superman like many other characters, is a hero by choice! His powers give him a responsibility to protect the Earth. However, Clark thought of himself to be more human. Superman is a God strive to walk among humans, while most characters are humans that strive to walk among Gods. His character development lies with his humanity and Godhood.

In Conclusion

Many theorize Superman's character. Some say he's how American views itself. Some say Superman is an ideal we strive toward while Clark Kent relates to us more. Whatever it is, Kal-El influenced many characters in comic book history. SO... if you love or hate Superman for whatever reason, you have to understand the character and what he was made for. He was designed to be one of the strongest, but had a morality to his person. That's why he's the leader of the Justice League. Just look at this quote!

What do you think? Does Superman deserve all the hate and/or love he gets? Leave a comment below!

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