ByJennifer Regis, writer at

For some reason I found myself looking at behind-the-scenes 'Batman v Superman' photos, some things were a bit new to me, but others I remember seeing and then purging from my mind since I had no way to begin to even speculate and what they could possibly mean and that's when I came across...

Now remember last last year 'Batman v Superman' was building sets in the New Mexico desert. I wonder if these are the same sets we see in the scenes from the recent trailer?

The filming sights in New Mexico do seem like they're in relation to the ones we see in the trailer, part of me is guessing that they are the same because if they aren't it seems pretty silly to have two deserts like places in the same movie.

At the time of these photo leaks there was also speculation that this, could be 'Paradise Island', home of Wonder Woman. But we can't be too sure yet, I always pictured 'Paradise Island' in live action being a little less......dry.

Apparently there was also a casting call in New Mexico at the time asking for "Stand-ins" to re-create an African village too.

Not sure if the African village scene is related to this one, but it's all rather interesting isn't it?


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