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Student nerd and a big time movie buff

Hello guys, this is my first piece. I am a big fan of this amazing website moviepilot I read stuff on it the whole day!

OK so let's get to the point now shall I saw the leaked Deadpool trailer the other day though it wasn't in a good print but still I could see was amazing and got my excitement to a much higher level I just can't wait for the "merc with a mouth" to steal the show!!!!

But I found out something very funny at first but I thought maybe its something Fox wants to tell us to expect or maybe it's me thinking too much.

I think it was last month there were rumours that an xmen/avengers movie might happen. And trust me it would be so awesome and legend.........wait for it.......dary! Legendary!

So back to what I was saying if you have seen the trailer there was this thing that flashed "With great powers........comes great irresponsibility".

Some might say its just a funny joke like the reference of "the green suit" but I think its a hint of a possible X-men/Avengers movie as you all know recently Spidey came back home to Mama Marvel.... So it is possible that they just threw this message.


A Spidey/Deadpool movie!!!!!

Either way we are in for a treat!

So please comment what you think about X-men/Avengers movie or a Deadpool/Spidey movie or is it just me thinking too much.


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