BySean Klein, writer at
Been a fan all my life of Batman, Star Wars, and many things comic book and sci fi related.

Ever since the release of the new "Dawn of Justice" trailer last week at Comic-Con people from everywhere have been dissecting it scene by scene, image by image to find anything that could possible explain more of the story being told in the film due out next year. Different easter eggs have been discovered so far such as the Robin suit hanging in the Batcave to name one, but what if something more subtle and hard to see is the biggest one yet.

Looking closely at the 2:51 mark of the trailer, as Batman jumps onto Superman crashing through a glass roof a very faint green glow can be seen on Batmans waist possibly in his utility belt if he does use one.

What could this green flash be? Is it just a part of his metal suit that he used to fight the man of steel or could it possibly be Supermans biggest weakness Kryptonite.

In the comics batman knows the weakness of every member of the Justice League including Supermans and his reasoning for this is that it's a contingency plan just incase any member of the League turns rogue.

Obviously the film takes place prior to the formation of the Justice League but that does not mean Batman doesn't already knows the weakness of his biggest foe in the film. And could this possibly mean that Batman/Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor as business men have had dealings with each other causing both have this knowledge if they do?

What are your thoughts of this possible green glow? And if it the ore kryptonight what could this mean for the fight we are all waiting to see?


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