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I mean it's pretty obvious that she's taking her money and then taking her results after taxes and after she pays off all of her agents and employees but she's also taking his paycheck raw and uncut. I mean ignoring the fact that at the time she wears a relatively unknown actress and some of her male co stars were Justin Timberlake probably one of the most famous men in the world. The more famous than after the more they going to be paid because that is how that economic system works this isn't like minimum wage jobs at Burger King where you start working than 6 months later you get a 50 cent raise this is an industry which you pay for familiarity if you have a famous actor they are going to be paid millions of dollars where is a new actor is only going to be making a few hundred thousand if even that. I mean we could talk all about the all the fine details of how she's not as popular as some of her co-stars but at the same time let's also look at what are agent is issuing not only what her agent is getting her back how much of her paycheck is her agent taking out I mean if I was the agent to gosh a almost unknown unnamed starlet us touring world next to Justin Timberlake I'd be probably wanting a pretty damn nice picture that cut but at the same time a very famous person such as Justin Timberlake his agents probably only getting a small percentage does his agent isn't publicizing him his agent is only going thru and just filtering all the crack (Sry about spelling and grammar am on mobile)

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