ByRuben Sivertsen, writer at
Ruben Sivertsen
...sday, doomsday would come back, and get beaten again. This is of course because of hulks rage that makes him bigger and stronger, but doomsday doesn't come back fast enough for hulk to use his rage to defeat doomsday every time, the hulk would be calmer when doomsday comes back, and doomsday would win at the end, unless hulk destroys doomsday in a way he can't come back from. Superman vs Sentry would probably end with sentry winning, he is stronger, and mentally unstable, and have changed the world before just by thinking about it being different, he also has the void that makes him go all darkside, ripping apart gods and all that. I don't know if superman's skin is harder to rip through then the gods in marvel, but if not he would be dead. Sentry can also create a solid form of the Void, or at least something he thinks looks like the Void, that most of the marvel heroes couldn't stop. Sentry is a loose canon, and would probably win, i like superman but i don't see him winning this.

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