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I'm starting a little series of articles that makes two cinematic characters or teams... clash. We'll see how it turns out. So for my first entry, I thought I would go big: DC Cinematic Universe's Superman against Marvel Cinematic Universe's Thor. Let's begin.



Being the god of thunder, Thor is (arguably) the most dangerous Avenger. He can summon lightning at will, his strength and endurance rivals the Hulk's, and his hammer is strong enough to level cities. His feats include, easily killing hundreds of frost giants and a frost monster (click the hyper-link to watch the video on YouTube) :

Going toe-to-toe with the Hulk:

Easily killing waves of the chitari army:

Killing (with help) someone powered by an infinity stone:

Being singled out by Ultron because he was the biggest threat to him and smashing a city to smithereens with a single blow from his hammer. To conclude, Thor is one of the most powerful people we have met so far in the MCU.



Being called the "man of steel" is a major understatement of Superman's power, even in the movies. He has been shown to perform such feats as, go several times the speed of sound:

Destroying a world engine, while being directly under it's beam which was terraforming Earth into Krypton (Earlier in the movie we see that Superman is significantly weaker in a kryptonian atmosphere):

Hold his own against two other military trained kryptonians (without being injured whatsoever):

Fight and kill a fully powered kryptonian general (without being injured whatsoever):

Flying away from a miniature black hole (what else would you call it?):

To conclude, Superman is one of the most powerful people in all of fiction and is also easily the strongest superhero from current movies.


Superman wins this one. Let me explain, many people argue that Thor would win because his hammer is magical and Superman is vulnerable to magic. But in the DCU, we've not seen any signs of him being vulnerable to magic. Also Thor's hammer is only magical as in it is enchanted so only people who are "worthy" can lift the hammer. The reason thunder and lightning bend towards Mjolnir's owner is because of the material it is made of. Iron Man once created a suit made out of the material that Mjolnir is made from and he was able to manipulate thunder and lightning to his will. But that doesn't mean a strike from Thor's hammer wouldn't hurt Superman. You see, (to my knowledge) it is never mentioned in the movies, but in the comic books Mjolnir was forged from the core of a dying star and when stars are dying they collapses into a super dense neutron star. Even a small portion of the star can weigh more than a million tons! But Superman with his speed would dodge Thor's attacks and Superman could return some heavy blows as well. Also, even though Thor has managed to destroy a being with the power of an infinity stone, he had help. And the frost giants and chitari pose no threat to Superman whatsoever. He could have done what the whole Avengers (in both films) did much faster and more efficiently. So we know Superman is much faster than Thor, because Thor has never surpassed the speed of sound.

Let's look at endurance, watch this video:

If Thor hadn't escaped, he would have died, since his endurance level is meant to be around the same as Hulk's, and it was said that the prison was designed for the Hulk. Also, if he could survive that fall, they would have made it so he didn't escape, to show the audience Thor's endurance level. Now in Man of Steel we saw that Superman was heavily weakened by the krytonian atmosphere and that was the only scene where we see Superman bleed. Also, before Superman goes off to deal with the World Engine, which is terraforming Earth into Kryton, in the Pacific Ocean, Lois asks something like, "won't you be weaker around it [the World Engine]?" But being Superman, he still goes and if you've been reading my article, you know what happened. Here's a reminder:

Even when Superman is meant to be significantly weaker, he is still strong enough to overcome the pain. So Superman is more endurable than Thor. By a long shot. Even though most of you know who would win by now, let's look at one more factor: strength.

Thor is powerful, but he isn't that strong. It wasn't until he got Mjolnir, that he actually stood a chance against the Hulk. Forgot? No you didn't, but just in case you did:

So Superman just needs to separate Mjolnir from Thor or just finish Thor off before Mjolnir returns to him. Let me explain how I think Mjolnir works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


I'll try and be quick. So we saw in Avengers 2 that no other Avenger could lift the hammer, which makes sense. They've all done something bad. Black Widow was former KGB. Bruce Banner has killed innocent people as the Hulk. Iron Man used to make weapons that were used to kill terrorists, now he makes weapons to kill terrorists. Hawkeye has killed good people under the influence of Loki. Captain America mentions in Captain America 2 that back in the day, they did some pretty nasty stuff (presumably torture). So why is Thor able to lift it? Well, you see the enchantment was cast by Odin and Odin knows Thor has experience with the weapon and he has proved some worth in Thor, so Odin allowed him to keep it because a king of Asgard needs to be powerful. So the rule for Mjolnir is "you can lift the hammer if you are worthy and if you are Thor." So what is classed under worthy? My guess is to be worthy you have to be pretty darn good. That is why Vision was able to properly lift the hammer, because he was just born and therefore hadn't committed any crimes. Captain America was able to slightly move the hammer because he is disciplined and his more good hearted than the average person. We saw in Captain America 2 that Captain America never lies. In Captain America: The First Avenger he states he doesn't want to kill anyone, he just doesn't like bullies "no matter where they're from". Also in the training scene we see Steve Rogers dive on the fake grenade to protect his friends. Maybe at that time he would have been able to properly lift the hammer. But like I said before, he states that he has done some "pretty nasty stuff" that caused him to not sleep so well. Time to bring Superman into this, Superman has only killed one person (who was evil, would have destroyed the Earth and couldn't be contained) and we know that even if you kill, you can still lift Mjolnir. We know that Superman has helped people even before he went public and he surrenders to protect mankind. Bottom line, Superman can lift Mjolnir.

I know I veered off at the end, but the result is clear:


Who do you want to see next? Post in the comments below!


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