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Steve Rogers is in prison with two guards keeping an eye on his prison cell, there's Hawkeye upside down throwing darts ,Iron Man using a punching bag to focus on his repulors while Natasha is all alone in her cell with a scar on her face as Bruce is in a special cell were he cannot turn into the Hulk.

A few guards strap Thor who has a Hannibal Mask on his mouth as the alarm has been turned off giving Steve time to knock out the guards with his shield while Bruce starts to lose control and begins to run out of the cell and starts to headbutt the guard leading to Iron Man blasting his punching bag at the snipers.Hawkeye shoots a couple of arrows at the guards one by one.

Natasha backflips and grabs two pistols by shooting at a guard for the first time.

Bruce turns into the Hulk to kill a few guards to death as he gets the the strap off Thor who still has the Hannibal Mask on his mouth and begins to hold an assault rifle to shoot at the guards in a shootout.

Steve sees the Batmobile and hides behind it as a group of clowns begin to fight him but the clowns are shot by Deadshot as the first time ever Suicide Squad team up with Steve who finds out about Ginger Ninja for the first time.

Iron Man goes back to his manison as Tony Stark and sees that Pepper Potts is shot in the shoulder by the Joker leading to a fight between the two of them both the Joker punches him and leaves with a grenade which blows up the mansion as Tony survies the explosion and notices that Pepper is dead as he tries to wake her up but nothing is happening as he goes to J.A.R.V.I.S to bring out the hulkbuster suit which is not ready yet but Tony tells him that he needs it as J.A.R.V.I.S gives it to him and with angry look on his face ,he flies off in the hulkbuster suit.

Back in the prison

Natasha manages to break out of the cell and holds a bazooka to get Thor out as they both take down the Ninjas together as Bane watches from afar but he is soon punched by Hulk who gets poisoned by Copperhead and then beaten up by Solomon Grundy.

That Night

Steve is approached by a car and goes to it as he opens the door and sees Deathstroke who twists his hand and then kicks him in the leg and begins to fight him but Steve starts bleeding from his face as Deathstroke is soon attacked by a group of ants as Ant Man introduces himself to Steve for the first time.

Batman goes to see Hawkeye which leads to the two of them having a fight with each other as Hawkeye fires a few arrows at Batman who kicks him to the wall and they continue fighting each other.

Solomon Grundy gets punched by Hulk who soon nudges Bane to die as Iron Man in his hulkbuster suit takes down Solomon Grundy who tries to fight back but Iron Man blasts him in the chest and then blasts at Copperhead who soon runs away but Natasha is not that far away from her as she goes after her to the white house and an epic fight between them begins as Copperhead starts to posion Natasha who uses her electric batons to shock her fellowed by snapping her neck.

More guards who are controlled by the Joker to find Iron Man who blast them down in the hulkbuster suit while Hawkeye fights Batman who throws him to the wall as Ultron arrives to fight him as Hawkeye sees Scarecrow who unleashes his toxins on him as he starts to feel a bit dizzy as Scarecrow punches him in the chest.

Deathstroke gets out of the group of ants that attacked him and joins with Yellowjacket as they both find Ginger Ninja to inform him about the Avengers which causes Ginger Ninja to lose his temper.

Scarlet Witch uses her hex bolts to kill Scarecrow who is soon punched by Hawkeye who is choked by the bleeding Scarecrow who is stabbed in the back by Jessica Jones.

Ultron pummels Batman who struggles to fight back until Thor arrives to knock out Ultron with his hammer and picks up Batman.

Black Mask is in the Avengers tower as he is about to steal the Iron Man suits he gets into a fight with Captain America who throws his shield at him but Black Mask throws the shield back and it hits Captain America to the window as he holds on with both hands as Black Mask begins to shoot at Captain America who is saved by Deadshot who rappels down to the window and holds a sniper rifle to shoot at Black Mask who is injured as he goes to steal the suits and leaves in the elevator.

Natasha is corned by security guards in the white house as she slides down to the white house bunker and closes the door as one security guard comes in to see where Natasha is as she throws smoke grenade to kill him fellowed by using a sniper rifle to shoot at the guards with help from Harley Quinn who uses her baseball bat.

Black Mask arrives with the Iron Man suits and gives them to Ginger Ninja who begins to unleash an army of Ninjas with Iron Man suits.

The next day

Thor is doing some gun training while Tony goes to Pepper's funeral as he sees The Joker who fires a grenade to blow up the coffin as Tony tells everyone else to run as he goes after the Joker who disappears in a submarine heading to the skyscraper.

Yellowjacket begins to head off at Gotham City but he gets into a fight with Superman who gets blasted by Yellowjacket for the first time leading to an epic fight between them as Yellowjacket punches Superman who uses his laser beams to destory the suit and punches Yellowjacket to the wall and begins to kick him in the face but Yellowjacket kills him with an assault rifle as he watches Superman die.

Deadshot sees a helicopter that picks him up as Captain America begins to dive bomb into another helicopter which explodes into a skyscraper as he throws his shield to kill two guards as the winter Solider arrives with a Minigun to fire at him as Deadshot sees what is happening as he tells the pilot to turn the helicopter around as the helicopter turns around leading to Deadshot hold his sniper rifle to shoot at the winter Solider who runs to the elevator as the pilot flies the helicopter into the skyscraper as Deadshot shoots at the elevator to not go down giving him time to take down the winter Solider while Captain America gets into a fight with the Joker who was at Pepper's funeral earlier as Tony and Falcon arrive to take down the guards as Batman teams up with Falcon to take the helicopter to take down the Ninjas in Iron Man suits as they use replusors to fire at the helicopter while Tony kicks the Joker who begins to punch him in the face as Captain America grabs the Minigun to shoot the Joker in the leg giving time for Tony who is battered and bruised up as he tries to fight the Joker but he gets blasted by the Ninja who uses an arc reactor to blast again at Tony who can't get his Iron Man suits to help him as he gets beaten up by the Ninja.

Jason Todd captures Natasha and takes her to Ginger Ninja who goes to the Xotea Apalm with the Joker and a few henchman.

Outmatched and injured ,Tony and Steve begin to argue as they leave and so does Quicksilver and the others are talking either.

Tony is in his office as Maria Hill tells him that Pepper would have told him to save the world but he tells Maria that he has failed to save the world as Maria tells him that he needs to be Iron Man once more as she leaves the office as Tony thinks to himself and stops Maria from going and tells her that she will need Nick Fury to help out on this rescue mission as Scott and Bruce go to see Amanda Waller to help them out with a rescue mission and she is on board with.

The Avengers and Suicide Squad head off to the Xotea Apalm as they are there as Batman knows that the building is surrounded by guards as Iron Man goes in and blasts at each guard giving time for Killer Croc and Hawkeye to take down the guards while Deathstroke fights Thor who begins to beat him up in combat.From outside the building,Flash and Quicksilver begin to run fast taking down each guard while Guardians of Galaxy and Fantastic Four arrive to take down the Ninjas together with a helicopter used by Nick Fury who gives a grenade launcher to Scarlet Witch who uses it to fire at the assassins.

Maria Hill beats up some thugs and takes their motorcycle which is about to get shot down by a sniper who is sliently slashed by Falcon who takes a revoler to throw over to Captain Boomerang who shoots at four Ninjas, tweny six henchman and five assassins.

Green Arrow and Jessica Jones arrive fighting the henchman while Luke Cage and Harley Quinn use a tank to take down the Ninjas together.

Iron Man gets out of his suit as Tony Stark and punches the ninjas and then sees the Joker as he takes him down in a battle as Tony wears different Iron Man suits to take down the Joker who manages to kill him but Tony summons the hulkbuster suit to himself and blasts at the Joker who shoots back at him.

Deadshot and Rocket Raccoon team up to shoot at the motorcycles to blow up the henchman to death.

The Joker shoots at the hulkbuster suit and takes down Tony by punching him in the face repeatedly and says"Why so serious ".


A retired avenger Johnny Blaze arrives to take down the Joker by impaling him with his motorcycle.

Dormammu arrives to fight Batman who tries to fight back but Dormammu starts to bring demons to fight Batman who gets beaten up by the demons who are killed by Captain Boomerang.

Dormammu is shot in the arm by Harley Quinn and then is destroyed by Doctor Strange.

Deathstroke punches Thor and leaves with Jane by hijacking a helicopter.

Captain America and Slipknot along with Deadshot and Rocket Raccoon take down the henchman.

Deathstroke arrives at Westfield and leaves Jane in the helicopter as he begins to send his guards to stay in position as they get take out by Ghost Rider,Doctor Strange and El Diablo.

Killer Croc goes to save Jane as he gets shot in the ear by the winter soilder as Jane is about to fall as she lands on the ground as Amanda Waller saves her from an explosion as she pulls out her pistol to shoot at the helicopters that are firing at her and Jane.

Tony gets up and kicks the dead body of the Joker off him and goes to grab a shotgun and locks and loads it by shooting at the henchman who work for the Joker.

Luke Cage opens the hatch of the tank and throws the Hannibal Mask over to Thor who puts on around his mouth and begins to go to Westfield in a ripsaw to fire at the entrance and pulls out a sawed off shotgun to shoot at the henchman as one of the henchman is on top of the ripsaw but holding a grappling hook to plunge into Thor as the ripsaw drives down the escalators.

The henchman punches Thor who takes the grappling hook out of his shoulder and stabs the henchman in the hand and drives the ripsaw through McDonald's as the henchman falls on the ground dead.

Hank Pym puts his suit and shrinks down to throw out a few punches at the henchman alongside with Batman.

Thor drives the ripsaw to ram into Deathstroke who crashes into the Game store and they have a long fight with each other as Deathstroke begins to dispatch Thor who shoots him in the neck with a derringer.

Ginger Ninja has sent Jason Todd to find Thor while Natasha unties herself and begins to headbutt a guard and then holds a musket to fire at the henchman who are going to Westfield as The Avengers and Suicide Squad take down each henchman in Westfield as Jason Todd who is Arkham Knight pulls out two pistols to shoot at Captain Boomerang who throws Captain America's shield to kill him while giving his boomrangs to Hawkeye to use with his bow and arrow to shoot down at alot of the assassins in slow motion.

Natasha who is now Black Widow uses her electric batons to give Thor more lighting on his hammer as he gives his hammer to Deadshot to use to kill the henchman while Ginger Ninja is soon found by Hulk and Killer Croc who both exchange looks and begin to hit and smash Ginger Ninja who is now arrested.

Suicide Squad and the Avengers split up taking down the henchman one by one in pairs as Thor is with Harley Quinn taking down four henchman while Black Widow and Rick Flagg shoot at a few henchman with Enchantress and Scarlet Witch.

Katana and Hawkeye take down the group of ninjas one by one while Amanda Waller is shot by Ginger Ninja who escapes from the police and takes Jane.

To Be Continued.


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