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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Whoever is making Zack Schneider's trailers should be making ALL the trailers because this one was beautifully pieced together. It intrigues audiences with promises of great excitement, large rivalries and epic battles. Just that last scene, when Superman rips Batman out of the Batmobile is spine tingling enough to make me want to see the sequel.

People's major concern about the film is that it could feel a bit overcrowded with Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and Lex Luther BUT others are wiggin' out even harder about Jessie Hesinburg's strange locks as Lex Luther. However for now, majority of fans are excited for the epicness that the trailer promises.

Suicide Squad

"We're some kind of suicide squad"
- Dead shot (Will Smith)

Very on the nose there, but this trailer is jammed pack full of amazing moments. The absolute scene stealer is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She plays the character with just the perfect mix of crazy, damaged, and beautiful, well from what I've seen so far. Then there is Killer croc's Silence of the Lamb impersonation and Dead Shot hitting a bag and the other ones doing other things. BUT the money shot is Jared Leto's Joker that got even mid thirty year old men pissing their pants. Everyone was so fixed on his appearance and now we're given his sadistic voice that sounds a bit too much like Heath Ledger's Joker to me but we'll see which direction Leto would take the psychotic clown villain.

X - Men: Apocalypse

People are a little bit split on how Apocalyse looks in the new X - Men film but generally, most people loved the trailer. From what we know the film takes place in the 80s with a younger cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fastbender and James McAvoy returning to the silver screen. Other young mutants are Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner as the new Jean Gray, Alexandra Shipp as Storm and Tye Sheridan as young Cyclops. X men: Apocalypse is said to be the final movie where Hugh Jackman would be putting on the Wolverine claws. The large cast trailer has been leaked but then no HD version can be found anywhere for now.

Fantastic Four

A darker version than the 2005 counterpart, this generation's Fantastic Four is taking itself more seriously when a space mission goes wrong, giving four people dangerously cool powers. The villain of the movie goes by unnoticed as the trailer focuses on how the four adjust and realise their new abilities. Still having specks of humour, the film looks like a fun, large scale adventure that deserves a second shot.


Ryan Reynolds returns to star in a Hard R Deadpool movie which looks absolutely exciting. The 2016 film will be amped up with 18+ humour and mind blowing (hehe get it?) graphic action. Deadpool looks to be the fast talking, witty, actually swearing superhero that doesn't wish for a "green or ANIMATED" hero suit (can't really blame him for that). The trailer really peaked my interest in Deadpool and I feel like it is my kind of humour. It looks to be so much fun for the older audiences. Definitely got to leave the young ones at home for this one.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The highly anticipated newly rebooted Star Wars movie has fans extremely but also cautiously excited. Comic Con teased the fans with a lot of little tid-bits about the new film, click on the link below for more details on the film. All I know particularly is that they're using less CGI and returning to more puppeteering and practical effects. Thanks the heavens!!

Some other highlights was Ghostbusters giving us a cute cast photo, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 2 came out with a teaser trailer and in the world of TV, The Flash reveals new speedsters for its second season and Arrow hints about more potential cross over for the show.


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