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[Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) is already one of the biggest success stories in gaming this year. Although having difficulties on PC, Arkham Knight is already the top selling game of June. The new Batman franchise (including Aslyum, City & Origins) has been a hit amongst comic book fans, garnering critically acclaim and proving that comics can be adapted into best selling - and fan fulfilling - games.

One superhero who's never really got his shot on the gaming front is Superman. Fans are crying out for a faithful and exciting adaption of Supes, but no gaming studio has been able to step up to the task. However, it appears that we may just be getting the perfect team to take over the Superman mantel.

Lately, there has been a stream of evidence to suggest that WB Games Montreal - the studio behind Arkham Origins - has been developing a Superman game in secret and the most recent clue too hit the web, may just be the most concrete yet.

Linkedin profile of Kieran Turan
Linkedin profile of Kieran Turan

Spotted by Z-Giochi, above is the screenshot of freelance 3D animator and designer Kieran Turan Linkedin profile. The page clearly states that his recent project have included the "Troubleshooting and repair of the 3D facial rig for the upcoming "Superman" videogame title for GameOn Audio".

So what does this mean?

GameOn Audio is a Montreal based company that provides outsourced audio and motion capture services for gaming titles such as Halo 4, [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) and most notably Batman: Arkham Origins. What makes this scoop even more enthralling, is the fact that since the news hit the web, Turans profile has since been edited to remove any evidence of a Superman game. This adds to the sugggestion that a Superman game truly is in the works.

With the amount of Metropolis/Suuperman Easter eggs in Arkham Knight, it would hardly be surprising to discover that WB Games Montreal is finally trying their hand at bringing the caped God to our gaming stations. The game would also likely be released in 2016, coinciding with sure to be a hit Batman vs Superman.

Here's hoping we see a Superman game in the mold of the darker, free world Batman Arkham franchise...

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Z-Giochi, ScreenRant


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