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Many movie franchises are expanding universes of our favourite characters. We have already been asked to digest a fair few universes so far, from Marvel and their Avengers gathering, to the upcoming Batman VS Superman. Halo is leading the way in the gaming universe with their expansion of Master Chief. Even the beloved Aliens franchise is about to get another.

Concept art of Aliens 5 by Neil Bloomkamp
Concept art of Aliens 5 by Neil Bloomkamp

But what franchise would the fans pick to have an expanded universe?

There are many to chose from through game, television and movies.

But the universe i would like to see expanded is ....

Pirate battles are always good!
Pirate battles are always good!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Now I know we have now had 4 films and a 5th is on it's way ([Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales](tag:586017)). But what if we could expand the Pirates universe and discover things about some of our favourite characters?

The first character that i think should have a backstory is...

Captain Barbosa and Jack
Captain Barbosa and Jack

Hector before the hat, a prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean.

We all know the story so far, about the mutiny , the fight for The Black Pearl, going to the underworld etc. The movie producers have done a great job of detailing the here and now. But what about before The Pearl?

What happened to young Hector Barbosa before the mutiny?

Where did he come from? Was his Father a pirate? What gave him his almost maniacal sense of morality? His disregard for human beings in general?

If we had a movie set say 10 years before the Pearl , then I think this character would have a very unique backstory in which,literally, anything is possible.

We all love Captain Barbosa as he is, but I think we would love him more if we had a chance to explore his origins.

But still there are many characters in this franchise that would benefit from their own backstory spin-off. Such as ....

The comic duo.
The comic duo.

Pintel and Ragetti bracing the storm.

Pintel and Ragetti have played a part in the whole story of Captain Jack and Captain Barbosa. Yet in the movies a nod is given to the fact that these characters may be more important than we know( being trusted to keep a piece of 8 is not trust easily thrown around in the pirate world)

How did these two originally meet? Were they ship mates on another ship before the Pearl?

These characters provide humor in times, when ,if it weren't for them the whole movie would take on a much darker feel.

They keep the humor going through all the pirate films , which is part of the charm when it comes to the pirates of the Caribbean films.

I for one would love to see this movie come to fruition.

Now my last choice from this franchise to have an origins story would be...

The only female pirate Lord.
The only female pirate Lord.

Mistress Ching, Beauty and brawn.

Now a lot of people may have over-looked Mistress Ching as an important character, and therefore not worthy of further exploration. But I would argue otherwise.

Given the time frame that pirates of the Caribbean is set in , then , the fact that Mistress Ching is a genuine Pirate Lord is a big deal.

She is the only female representing the pirates at Shipwreck Cove. This alone ,I feel ,qualifies her for a backstory in her own right.

To be a pirate Lord she must have stolen, beaten , tortured people before even being nominated as leader. I think if we were to go back and look at her story we would have much more to envy about her( she is a pirate Lord and i'm very envious of that).

Mistress Ching is a woman of few words , but, was she always like that? Perhaps her experiences of Pirate life have shaped her into what we see at Shipwreck Cove.

Although The Pirates Of The Caribbean films are already epic, i think an expanded universe on this franchise would help not only our generation, but future generations who will also love and respect these time-less films.

Feel free to leave feedback on who in the pirates universe you think we should focus on, give them there own backstory etc.

Thank you for reading -

Caryn xx


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