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I Am a SiFi Thriller
Alexander Kastro
...s for Charecter Development there doing that threw the shows ... Dc Recycles there Charecters cause they have so few Heros and Villans that can be used unlike Marvel who has close to 10,000 propertied will always have something to put out and can get as serious and relistic as Dc at any point ..... DC making more RElistic movies is Epic and i love it, but the consistancy is lacking the continuity is lacking, evey one including myself is looking foward to seeing this BvS movie but tho not as realistic 1 Marvel movie is just as good as a Dc movie, there just different and as a Marvel fan i can tell you MArvel is most sertanly not going out of busness cinematicly any time soon, simply cause they have to many charecters than can be put on screen as shown in GotG an totaly unknown Marvel Property put on screen and made into a cult classic over night lol srry DC your movies are great and all all 1 of then in your univers lol and the Bat trilogy was great allso, Dc shos are pretty good but not as good as marvels !!!

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