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I Am a SiFi Thriller
Alexander Kastro comes to the defense of DC, i think the REalism factor of DC movies is a great Look for them not only does it make there movies looke Epic it brings a diverity to hero Films, if everything was the same who would want to see a DC film marvels been using that Farmula longer and have more films and more contunity there would be more to look foward to with MArvel then DC, DC Adapting there own Formula to there Movies is great it makes a dirrerance in excperiance.... and i enjoy the DC fils a great Deal. only thing i would like to see improve really is the Coniuity from film to film and from film to show (&Vise Versa) thats one aspect i think they should take from marvel... using the same actors to astablish connectivity not only within the cinema but between viewer and charecter ..... astablishing a known univers before delving into a multivers would be a lot better in my opinion .... but DC's Dark realism really works for them and maked there movies very enjoyable, i think there charecter development is well dont and i look foward to there future films... sincerly a Marvel fan lol

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