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I Am a SiFi Thriller
Alexander Kastro
...o read what more, cause i couldntt ell you anything more past a hand full a villians ad there better known heros, but i can dig deep into marvels catalog, and regaurdless as to who own what cinematic rights there all Marvel Properties the translation from page to screen is dependant on the Studio but it all stems from Marvel Comics not Fox comics or Sony Comix ...MArvel & DC have there Alist Blist ect.... only from a Marvel Fan stand point ... i dont see many DC Alisters other than the JLA and a handfull of others... as where MArvels has a very Deep Front line .... and again it all depends on what you read cause i was a marvel baby and the only thing i knew bout DC was Superman & Batman flash Wonder Women wasnt till i got older i learned bout Marshan Manhunter Green Lanturn Darkseid .... lol if you ask a person who never read ither comic .... dipite todays movies im sure other than super man bat man flash and wonder women they couldnt tell you anything else about DC Marvel on the other hand lol

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