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Henry Starling Jr.
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Doug Braithwaite
Color artist: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Cover artists: Rafa Sandoval, Ulises Arreola, Jefte Palo, David Yardin, Tom Fowler, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Valiant Entertainment

The end. That meaning, to most of us, seems like this enigmatic, faraway land, nearly inconceivably impossible to reach. That is until, albeit all too quickly, we do reach our end. However, Bloodshot knows fir a fact his end will come soon enough, and how it will come...or does he?

Jeff Lemire writes a very thought provoking piece. With every page, he makes me believe that he is, in fact, more man than machine. As thrilling as Bloodshot's life was, Jeff pulls us back to earth, just to show us exactly how frail he really is. But in doing so, he opens up new questions. X-O army? The Vine executions? Rampage? The war of the brothers? THE PSI-LORDS!!! THE ROBOT WAR!!! BLOODSHOT: DINOSAUR HUNTER!!! OMG JEFF! This is too much for me...
The art/color team of Doug Braithwaite and Brian Reber took what Jeff wrote and literally made Bloodshot jump off the pages in action an adventure! Then...the last page. So thought provoking. So emotionally draining. Brilliant work.

The covers to this issue do every bit of justice to this issue as the work inside it, or, at least, it provides enough misdirection to the actual payoff in the end. This is why I love this company. So many surprises!

Overall, this is now officially my second favorite book I have read all year. It has action, adventures, love, and death. Every facet of storytelling is in place in this issue. Valiant’s The Book of Death is shaping up to be the new standard of storytelling in comics. I, for one, am enjoying this ride!

Rating: 5/5


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