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There has been many theories of what's happening to Thea Queen (Speedy) because of the tweet that Stephen Amell (GREEN Arrow) wrote. In it he states "What's Wrong With Speedy" - people think it's the side affects of the Lazarus Pit.

If you thought that then you are..............CORRECT. What other explanation is there, I mean she's a hero she's always wanted to be she's surrounded by one of the best heroes of Starling, well Stephen Amell (GREEN Arrow) stated that it is not Starling anymore it's STAR CITY. Anyways what other explanation can there be, make sure to comment what you think. The side affects... what can it be. Sickness, nightmares, etc. I think it's going to be intense violence and a little memory loss. Maybe Thea will kill someone when she's on the field and team Arrow will stop her and she will keep backfiring at them. Also the memory loss, when she woke up she still thought her mom was alive. But i think that memory wared off. But maybe she will start to forget things like Oliver telling her that she killed Sara. Then she will have to deal with the guilt again. Poor Thea. But I think she will still be amazing.

What do you think? Will Thea's side affects ware off or will it last the whole season?

Arrow is set to return on October 8 on The CW at 8:00 Eastern. ARE YOU READY FOR ARROW SEASON 4??!!

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