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Evelyn Dick was born in Beamsville Ontario Canada on October 13 1920. Her father Donald MacLean mother Alexandra MacLean. Donald worked as Hamilton Street Railway street car conductor and was rumored to be stealing from the coffers.

Evelyn was known to throw lavish parties and wear fancy furs and jewelry.

In 1942 Evelyn gave birth to a baby girl. When rumors started about who the father was Evelyn said it was ok because she was married to a man stationed overseas. September 5 1944 Peter David White was born. In 1945 Evelyn announced she was marrying John Dick a HSR worker that worked with her father.

On Saturday March 16th 1946 5 children found what they thought was a headless pig on the Hamilton Mountain brow. It turned out to be the torso of John Dick. Johns body was missing the head, arms and legs with a deep wound in the abdomen.

When police notified Evelyn of her husband's murder she responded "Don't look at me! I don't know anything about it". Then preceded to tell the police about an Italian hit man looking man that came to her home for a message for John for sleeping with the man's wife. After changing her story a few more times the police investigated Evelyn's home and found in the attic a suitcase filled with concrete. Inside was the remains of an infant later found to be Peter David White.

In her 1st trial Evelyn was found guilty of Johns murder and sentenced to death by hanging. Evelyn pleaded guilty and the verdict was overturned. Evelyn was then charged with manslaughter of her infant son and was sentenced to life in prison. She was paroled in 1958 and Hamilton rumors state she lived in a mental institution the rest of her life


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