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I want to start off by stating that I am a fan faithful of marvel comics & the MCU. I love the work they have been doing *thus far* having said that I want to discuss the topic of the purple elephant in the room. Yes im talking about apocalypse as we've been shown in recent weeks, This is more of a mixed rant and open form to hear your take on the visual image of apocalypse in the x-men apocalypse film soon to be released.

I have to say I am beyond shocked at how they have portrayed him physically......just looking at him in that costume and color makes me question who agreed that this look identified best with the comic version of apocalypse and why are they not fired, dragged through the streets of flea bottom being spat on hit on while a nun shouts out SHAME and much more. When i think back to what our last image of apocalypse was in the film *xmen days of future past* he was gray skinned blued lipped and had the makings of a memorable character. As i see it now, i have to ask who dropped the fucking ball? fox maybe, marvel possibly, kevin feige likely....i say this because apocalypse had everything needed to be the bad ass we all wanted. The standard was shown in xmen dofp....they just needed to grow from that seed and make some detailed improvements/adjustments. Not turn him into ivan fucking ooze and think we'd be ok with it.

Now some articles out there are calling us fans out, saying "oh we did the same thing to quicksilver" and we ended up loving him and he became a fan favorite......NO! STOP RIGHT THERE! Quicksilver did look like and still looks like a piece of shit, but the acting was cool and the special effects of his abilities were cool....the costume still remains fucked up period. Now back to apocalypse, the acting im sure will be awesome oscar issac is an oberyn martell *pedro pascal* kinda guy in my book, he pulls the emotions out of your ass and makes you feel it *thumbs up*. Also i can only hope the special effects of apocalypse is even better, but i still do not, will not and cant not OK that purple look.

Apocalypse is blue lipped and gray skinned with heavy armor on, it's simple. what bryan singer has done is wrapped apocalypse in his own director idea image.....which in most cases works, but this isn't one of them. Now getting back to the earlier suggestions i gave......who the fuck gave the OK for all of this well fox is funding the film and they've seen success before with dofp, but no i think fox had a small hand in ok-ing the look simple because fox is wrapped up in its next blockbuster possible money maker deadpool....ryan reynolds right now is fox's baby boy he wants it, he gets it...fuck everything else. so then the second option as to who ok-ed this would be, marvel which i think had the devilish idea of sabotage with the help of the 3rd possible reason this was ok-ed kevin feige.

My theory is marvel wants it rights to the franchise back, they get a cut of money from the xmen film but nothing compared to what fox's gets. This leaves them to create a plan of sabotage.....fuck up fox's franchise so bad that the fox hands over the rights wrapped in a pink bow with chocolates and runs never looking back.....I think marvel planted the seed in fox's ear to create their own version of what they think the interpretation of a well liked fan fav character should be and try to pass it off.....low and behold fox did just that.

now in that aspect kudos to you marvel a punch to balls for fox, but for us having to sit there an hour and forty eight mins as we look at wolverine and whoever else try to fight a power ranger reject, just is the epitome of fucked give me your thoughts on this nightmare of an apocalypse looking character that looks like we're all stuck with.......quicksilver was good but still looks like shit, can we say the same for apocalypse- en sabah nur? gawd i hope they can re-shoot his scenes with a better looking costume or at least have apocalypse evolve costume-wise throughout the movie ultimately revealing the apocalypse look we all want to see and know.......and if im totally wrong and the image of apocalypse we have been shown isn't purple but a color fluke of the lighting in that particular scene in the movie, then we can all rest easy and enjoy the film to come...........have at it down below.


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