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Yes, I'm 36 and when Zack Snyder had Harry Lennox read a certain excerpt from a certain graphic novel two years ago, my first thought was, "Zack, don't tease me.." Now that we're just 8 months from the reality of seeing Bats and Supes finally together, this is me pleading to Zack Snyder as a lifelong DC fan...please don't disappoint me.

I've been a CBM fan for 3 decades so I've enjoyed the best (Avengers and CA:TWS) with the rest of you and I've suffered through the worst along with the rest of you (97's Batman & Robin), and the point of saying that is that I've seen the increasing scrutiny that CBMs have been under for the past decade. And for good reason, since we've seen the best and worst writing, the best and worst F/X, etc., etc., and one thing is certain. The scrutiny is legitimate and warranted because of what CBMs represent. They represent the ageless battle of good and evil, light and dark...short and fat. But, more importantly, these movies represent the very fanbase they are being made The movie buffs and comic book geeks (I represent both groups) who have waited patiently and anxiously, celebrated successes, criticized the bombs and helped the genre along by demanding quality movies from quality material.

And that is where the scrutiny comes We scrutinize because we care and because we want the cinematic experience of bringing these characters to life to justify the work of the cast and crews and to illustrate the passion of the fans. Passion of the fans...I consider myself highly passionate about this material partly why I've taken to online contributing in the past couple years and am hitting it 24/7 now. As a passionate fan, I can say that I did enjoy MOS. I don't think it was a great movie but I did enjoy it. I don't think it was a great movie because it didn't produce any WOW moments for all. Not one. And that's not necessarily your fault, Zack, as you were working with a pretty horrendous David S. Goyer script (in my humble opinion) but still, there were several items I was looking for and waiting for as a lifelong DC fan. I saw maybe two of these items. One was super-style action...and with today's CG work, that was a given. The other was Smallville, which we got in Nolan/Batman Begins style flashbacks. Unfortunately, that didn't work with MOS for a number of reasons, none of which are important now. The point of bringing it up is that with BVS:DOJ, there are a multitude of items that CBM fans will be looking for and expecting from you, Zack. Some of which, from the trailer, we already know we're getting. Others, we will obviously have to see the movie to know.

A couple of those items include, but are not limited to, the we understand that we will see Bats and Supes come together and shake. Although, the question remains, will we get this important visual of comic book history the right way...let me elaborate. A handshake between Bruce and Clark isn't what we're talking about. Not something between two professionals but a union between costumed warriors vowing to combine skills to end a shared threat...whatever that threat will be.

Now I just need to find out which Robin this is...
Now I just need to find out which Robin this is...

Just saying for me, this is a big one...very big. Another item is the historic confirmation of identities between them, which we have seen in many fashions over the years, through different canons. This again, must be handled with class, intelligence and, above all, must produce a feeling of "Nice!" among fans viewing it for the first time. DC is going to make CB history in March and certain items can never be redone...ever. Perfect example is Marvel's The Avengers and the now-famous panoramic NY shot of all six Avengers assembled for the first time...truly cinematic perfection. DC is going to make CB history in March and after that, it can't be redone...ever. Can you, Zack, give us a moment that equals this...

Look, even DC fans are watching us!!
Look, even DC fans are watching us!!

Yeah, I know, feeding the DC/Marvel fanboy war...but you know my point is valid. For me, MOS didn't produce a single moment that gave me the same rush as this. Even Marvel hasn't been able to reproduce this feeling in every MCU feature they've released...and that's what I'm talking about. For some of us who've been waiting decades to see Bats and Supes together, a moment like this can't just be achieved, it almost has to be surpassed...I know, asking for a lot. But still, I know from all forms of social media that what I'm asking for is what a lot of fans are asking for as well. So, Zack, remember what we are asking for and expecting from you, remember how much that room lit up when BVS was first announced 2 years ago, but most of all, remember that if you screw this up for us, your name will live in CBM infamy and you will have destroyed the launch of the upcoming Justice League before we even get to them...and that also cannot be redone, at least, not in any way that matters. Let me clarify that...rebooting an occasional single character feature ala the Incredible Hulk is one thing, but if you intend to launch the JLA, you better aim to produce gold because you, Zack, have already been working with gold material. Just hope you understand that. Gonna go watch the trailer again to see what else I can make out for my next article...:)


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