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Love how the DC universe is more realistic and darker, havn't read one comic book ever in my life and just here for the movies.( Marvel movi
Senitha Mindula

I really loved moviepilot for a very long time and i was always excited to check what's new every evening, specially from the leaked trailers ( i know it's not nice but cant wait for BvS DoJ ) to even what people's thought on new stuff.

But I got sick after sometime when people started to post all his review videos or reactions at a time, i mean whole lot of bullshit at a time ( even the very old ones).

Now when i try to visit and check out on recent stuff about superhero films, i have scroll through hundreds of stupid video posts.

I'm sorry but I know that some people want attention and want their personal videos to get out there and become viral but some of you are not original enough and doing the same shit what had been done thousands of other people.

Please understand what I'm trying to say! NO HARD FEELS though........ LOL

If u want everyone to see ur oldass videos ( reviews or reactions), please post all that shit in one post alone.

it's ok to post about new stuff u knw, like antman reviews or posts about new stuff.( so i can decide whether it's worth spending money on a movie ticket or wait for a good copy on the internet if u knw wat i mean ;) ;) ;) )


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