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The last "impressive" world movie I saw was "The Imitation Game". I did recently see Minions, but it wasn't all that great. But the last 10 TV series I've watched were all AMAZING and noteworthy but not getting the accolades they deserve. TV does not start and end with Game of Thrones, just saying.

So here's a list of TV shows that I've really enjoyed and think are definitely worth watching, but aren't as popular as they should be.

10. Orange Is The New Black: All right. This one is still decently popular, but not as popular as the usual GoT or light hearted The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother. This show is awesome. It is funny and meaningful and different and everything a show should be.

9. Girls: This is one of those shows that you might absolutely love or would want to pass. But if you fall under the former category, I suggest checking it out. It has much more to it than the Lena Dunham Naked and Unapologetic conspiracy.

8. Elementary: This refreshing take on Sherlock Homes and Watson is a total must watch. The cases they solve are realistic and believable, unlike the typical "You are 5'6", are wearing a Blue Coat and hence must be an ally to the killer" kind of far fetched deductions.

7. Better Call Saul: No, its not as good as Breaking Bad. But its good enough nevertheless. It has a lot of cast from Breaking Bad and makes an interesting watch.

6. Mad Men: This one is a total no-brainer for anyone who enjoys quality TV. Its a depiction of what Advertising is, was and how it has evolved. The characters, story line, the way the plot evolves is all simply brilliant.

5. Bloodline: This one is probably the second least talked about show in this least. And a must watch. An original Netflix Production, I just stumbled upon it one day. If you like good stories, told beautifully, go watch this one.

4. Marco Polo: This is the absolute winner in least talked about gem of a TV series. Based on Genghis Khan and his grandson Kublai Khan, this drama depicts the Mongol conquest of China. It is refreshing, unlike anything you have seen, directed extremely well and "you are an idiot for not watching it" kind of show.

3. The Borgias: Period dramas are in vogue, thanks to Game of Thrones. Thats how I stumbled upon this marvel, anyways. Hidden somewhere in levels of IMDB recommendations, this show (and the next 2) are (arguably) just as good as your most acclaimed GoT.

2. Rome: Another period drama. The kinds that leaves an empty feeling when you are done watching the whole of it. And you binge a lot on it because its hard to watch one or 2 episodes at a time.

1. The Newsroom: I was literally depressed for a whole day when HBO announced the end of this show, for good. This show is insanely addictive and my favorite so far.


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