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Sunday night, time for a little speculation. SDCC was lacking in details for Arrow season 4, providing only a recap for season 3, and a glimpse at the new Arrow costume. We got a little more for The Flash season 2, getting a new big bad confirmed in a trailer, as well as Jay Garrick.

We didn't get much more for [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), other than a recap of who is going to be in it. The limited animated series, Vixen, didn't get much, a mere few details, oh, and this awesome trailer!

But onto my point. These shows are expanding, into realms of animation as well. Legends of Tomorrow was confirmed to be a full series, instead of a limited season long show, meaning that the heroes in that will be tied up instead of getting their own shows (I was hoping for Hawkgirl and White Canary to help make a Birds of Prey show with Black Canary and Felicity, but whatever) however I am delighted we've got a third permanent show. The question now is, what next? Obviously they will want to continue expansion, but who could be introduced next into this universe? Here's a few thoughts:

Green Lantern (One the films don't use)

Nope, not you. Back to Deadpool Ryan
Nope, not you. Back to Deadpool Ryan

While Warner Bros takes their sweet time choosing their Green Lantern, or should I said Green LanternS after they announced that the 2020 film would be entitled Green Lantern Corps. This indicates they will have more than one human Green Lantern, so the CW has had to content itself with references like Coast City and Ferris Airlines, instead of introducing a Green Lantern into their Universe. They haven't done anything with aliens yet, making Hawkgirl instead an ancient warrior type thing, introducing more magic than anything else, which they also kind of did with the Lazarus pits. We can only hope this will happen eventually, but for now I don't see it.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is one of the biggest heroes DC has that isn't being used in the films. Those heroes are off limits (apart from Flash for some reason?) so why not use this guy? He's an absolutely awesome hero, but again introduces aliens. Now I see no reason for them not to do this, after all, if they are to cross over with Supergirl in a couple of seasons they will need to introduce aliens at some point, and it opens so many doors for other major villains, and heroes.

Booster Gold

This is kind of like having a Green Lantern around, but cockier, more annoying, less cool, and not likely to be in the films, making him available. That is the main attribute which suits him for the CW. Flash is the only extreme set of powers around so far, although if Supergirl joins up with the others she is added to that. Arrow, ATOM, Hawkgirl, Firestorm and Black Canary all have restricted power sets. Booster Gold is the type of high power hero that brings a real fear of heroes to this world.

So what do you think? Can you see these heroes in the CW roster? Can you see others I've missed in there? Let me know in the comments!


Which hero is most likely to appear?


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