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Having The Walking Dead withdrawals? Need something to help you get through the long wait for season 6? Are you missing seeing the gorgeous face of Mr. Andrew Lincoln grace your TV screen every Sunday night?

Well, there is help. Read below to find out more.

There are a lot of Walking Dead/Andrew Lincoln fan pages out there. Thousands upon thousands to choose from. But there is one fan page that stands out among the rest on Facebook- RICKS CHICKS The Walking Dead . This WD fan page is a very unique fan page. Once you get on the page, you will notice why this page is special. Once you click on that "LIKE" button at the top of the page, you are no longer just a WD fan, you have became a Ricks Chicks family member, and that's how you are Family. This page even has a Birthday Club that you can sign up for and have your Birthday highlighted and celebrated on your special day and get well wishes from all the other Ricks Chicks members.

Ricks Chicks not only brings you the latest NEWS STORIES and SPOILERS about The Walking Dead to help you get through these long months, but we also have Fun facts, Quizzes, Did you Knows (Info about The Walking Dead that is not commonly known), Videos, awesome pics, and even CONTESTS that give out amazing prizes and so much MORE! Ricks Chicks just recently had a contest that gave out a Michonne Fat Head just for whomever made the most comments on the page!

Ricks Chicks is a "Family Oriented" page that does not allow bad language, bullying, fighting, profanity, etc. We also will NEVER show pics of Andrew Lincoln's children. That is the one thing that we refuse to do. Everyone's opinion is welcomed and valued at Ricks Chicks. If someone disagrees with you, a discussion is had about why you feel differently, not an argument, like we have seen take place elsewhere. That is why Ricks Chicks members range in age all the way from 10 years to their oldest member, who is 79 years old. That's right! We even know the ages of our members, because we connect and interact with everyone that comments on the posts or sends us a message. No one is ignored and everyone is made to feel like what THEY have to say matters. Because it DOES. Where else can the entire family get on a page and not have to worry about what their kids are reading? They are few and far between.

Also, no one is trying to sell you anything on this fan page. It consists of hard working admins that try to bring you as much information about The Walking Dead and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) as we possibly can.

Our page consists of 5 admins which are:
Tami (me), Owner and Admin of Ricks Chicks (from KY)
Emma (one of our two English admins) whom resides in Australia
Beverly (also from Ky)
Susan (our other English admin whom resides in England)
and Jen, (whom resides in Oregon, soon to be living in China).

All 5 of us Admins are hardcore Walking Dead fans like yourself and do our best to bring you the best fan page that we possibly can. Although all of us are die-hard Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) fans, (hence the Ricks Chicks in our name) our page brings you "stuff and thangs" about ALL Walking Dead cast members.

So if you are needing "help" getting through these long waits in between the seasons, there's no need to suffer any longer!

Head on over to to receive your much needed therapy. We also have a TWITTER page that you can follow as well, @RICKSCHICKSTWD. All Walking Dead ADDICTS Welcome! Why wait any longer? Become a Ricks Chicks Family Member today and get your daily Walking Dead "Fix".

All photos courtesy of AMC's The Walking Dead
All photos courtesy of AMC's The Walking Dead

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