ByYael Katz, writer at
...ore fun than it was. I queued around the block for a total of six hours, to get an 'audition' (at the same time as 50-100 other girls) where a single photo was taken (confirming that the 'audition' was based nearly entirely off of looks) and the only part that actually involved speaking was chatting with the other girls (while we were left on the floor basically unattended) and the 10-15 seconds we each had to say our name, age, which city we lived in and our ideal holiday destination (if this was meant to help the two workers there (who were supervising, I repeat, 50-100 girls) test us, it failed due to the fact that nobody could hear us over the noise from the queues in the same room). All in all, grossly understaffed, in a location that took an hour and a half+ to reach if you were as close as London (some girls having travelled for 16 hours or more with or without a chaperone and the end result will be based, at least partially, off how a girl's face looked in a headshot that took a maximum of 10 seconds. I don't know about the other girls who went to audition, but I - for one - am not a happy camper.

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