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Avengers go to Istanbul by airdropping out of a plane as Captain America drives a Dodge charger into the sky as it about to get shot by a helicopter which gets rammed by Hawkeye who uses his jeep.

The Avengers land at Istanbul in thier cars and drive off with the henchman who are behind them as Tony leaves the Audi R8 to crash into a truck and climbs up on a car ramp and puts on his Iron Man suit and blasts at the trees to block the road as Ant Man rides on motorcycle as he pulls the parachute which is filled with grenades to blow up the henchman one by one while Black Widow uses a bazooka to fire at the back of the truck which leads to Hawkeye driving with Thor on top of the car as the car rams into the wheels leading to Thor to take down the henchman with a sword and then takes the assault rifle and jumps back to the car and lands on the windshield and starts to shoot at the tank behind the car that Hawkeye is driving in.


Ginger Ninja has Jane and takes her to the airport to Albania while the tank continues firing at the car that Hawkeye drives through a shortcut as the tank is soon taken down by Captain Boomerang.

Suicide Squad and Avengers arrive at Albania as they split up as the ninjas go to each place to find were they are as Deadshot and Black Widow shoot at the Ninjas together.

Harley Quinn uses her baseball bat to kill the ninjas one by one while Scott Lang uses the Ant Man suit to shrink down and take down the Ninjas together with Killer Croc and Hulk.

As everything else explodes leading to Avengers and Suicide Squad saying goodbye to each other as the Avengers go to find Ginger Ninja.

Ginger Ninja plans to destory the world as Thor sees Jane who is killed in a bomb blast as he gets upset about this and heads off to Pym Technologies as he knows that Ginger Ninja is up to something as he hides behind a guard and starts to punch him in the face and then turns off the lights giving time for Suicide Squad to shoot and take down the guards in Pym Technologies.

The Avengers go to Cuba but they are chased by a group of bikers who soon get blasted by Iron Man.

They arrive to find Ginger Ninja leaving in an Airbus A400M Atlas that is about to take off but they might have a chance to stop it with Batman who uses the Batmobile to plow through the Airbus A400M Atlas which is about to crash as Ginger Ninja who holds a gun towards Black Widow as Iron Man blasts him to the damaged Airbus A400M Atlas which explodes.

Suicide Sqaud shoots at a few more guards in Pym Technologies as Thor picks up a Minigun and shoots at the Ninjas one by one while The winter Solider has a fight with Deadshot who manages to use Thor's hammer to hit him to the ground and a fight begins between them leading to the winter Solider shot in the back by Rick Flagg.

As the Avengers go to The white House to take down the Ninjas together with Suicide Sqaud for the first time ever.

The end.


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