ByFawne Devine, writer at
...sarcasm on the Internet generally demotes irritation to some degree), I have this to say: yes, there are incredibly nitpicky people on the Internet. Why? It's because many of us are tired of people who comment on something, and don't even check to make sure that what they say is: 1. In any way relevant to what was actually posted 2. Legible. This includes grammatical errors in the form of run-on sentences and mispelled words. Believe it or not, sometimes it's really difficult to read a comment full of words and phrases that don't make sense. 3. Knowledgeable to some degree. If you don't know what you are talking about, it shows. 4. Properly spelling and using names of people, places, and things, most of which are usually either right there in whatever you are commenting on, or easily found on the Internet. This either demotes laziness, overall lack of attention, or obviously that you just don't care. 5. Misspellings and other misinformation can lead to a misunderstanding for the people on the other end of the comment, particularly if you don't know who/what someone is actually talking about. So, yes. We are nitpicky, but it's for a good reason.

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