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Going into Trainwreck, I was curious because the trailers looked interesting enough but I’m not exactly the biggest fan when it comes to romantic comedies. Which is why I’m surprised I went to go see the film, I was originally going to skip it and just see it on Bluray but I enjoy reviewing films and figured I’d go see this. Trainwreck while adds nothing new to the genre and still falls back on a few cliches, provides plenty of laughs and is easily the best comedy of the year so far.

The film’s story is simple and is about Amy who doesn’t believe in the idea of monogamy, her father had drilled that idea in her head at young age when he left Amy and her sister’s mother. Amy just goes around sleeping with people, having sex and nothing more; to her a relationship means nothing. That is until of course she ends up having to do an article on Dr.Aaron Conners, a doctor who works with sports athletes to help get them back up and running; he’s the typical guy in these kind of films but it works. The one key thing here that is different then most other romantic comedies is that the roles are switched, it’s the guy who falls for the girl and not the other way around as we have seen so many times. It’s not that different but it is a bit fresh, even if it does fall back on old cliches a few times. It’s not exactly doing anything that’s to new but it works, because of how funny the main character is; she delievers plenty of great lines.

The cast is great in this film and we even get what is one of the funniest cameos in a film that I have watched in a long time. The smart funny, and beautiful Amy Schumer is the star of the show here and she provides plenty of the laughs; she’s a scene stealer and is on her way to becoming a great comedian. Schumer knows the kind of role she’s in and just has fun with it, adding plenty of laughs even at the more dramatic moments; it helps make the film less sappy then it should be. Bill Hader plays Dr.Conners in exactly the way you’d expect him to, he uses plenty of cliched lines but it works because Hader makes it funny; he may not be Schumer but he makes it work. It took me a bit to warm up to Bill Hader, I didn’t like his acting in the film at first but eventually he grows on you; I haven’t watched too much from him. John Cena also has a small cameo in this, he’s on the screen for only about fifteen minutes but makes the best of it; he surprisingly has great comedic timing.

As funny and great as Trainwreck is, the film does still suffer from a few problems that could’ve easily had been fixed. The biggest downfall is that the film is a little too long and at times, it gets a little slow and some scenes don’t add much to the overall film; the movie could’ve been cut down a bit. Some scenes fall flat and aren’t as funny as they should be, Schumer is great at being comedic but some of the cast just don’t have the right timing; they can’t keep up and they make the film fall flat at times. Hader for example is funny throughout the film but at times, he drags the film down because he just isn’t adding much when it comes to the jokes department, he tries his best but falls. It’s a shame because had Trainwreck been twenty minutes shorter, the film could’ve been more than a great romantic comedy; it could’ve been the year’s 22 Jump Street.

Trainwreck adds plenty of laughs but does fall short on a few cliches and it’s a little too long for a romantic comedy. The movie could’ve been cut down a bit and we wouldn’t have missed anything, it would’ve made the film more snappy. Trainwreck may have a few shortcomings but still manages to be funny and ends up being the best comedy of the year, Schumer adds a lot to the movie.



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