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When it comes to incredibly powerful heroes, heroes who have the power to defeat any opponent and overcome any obstacle they encounter, Goku and Superman are the best. However, there are few characters who challenge them, including Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, and Shazam, the 12 year old superhero.


Prince Vegeta, from the planet called Planet Vegeta, is one of the most formidable Dragon Ball characters. Determined to overcome his rival and comrade Son Goku, Vegeta trains non stop. He is the epitome of a Villain turned hero, having went from being one of Goku's first foes, to now being his comrade and friendly rival.


  • Master Martial Artist- Vegeta has been trained in the art of combat for years, and is one of the most skilled fighters in the Dragon Ball Universe. His fighting skill is arguably on par with Goku.
  • Super Strength- Vegeta has massive strength, having the ability to lift over 100 tons with ease.
  • Super speed- Vegeta has the ability to fly at faster than light speeds, and can also fight at faster than light speeds as well. Vegeta is one fast son of a gun.
  • Immense Durability- Having getting his ass handed to him on many occasions, Vegeta has demonstrated miraculous feats of durability. From getting the shit kicked out of him by Frieza and Kid Buu, to surviving an energy blast greater than that of a Nuclear Explosion, Vegeta is one tough cookie.
  • Ki Manipulation- Vegeta has the ability to manipulate Ki, the inner energy within oneself. This grants him access to many abilities for combat, like flight.
  • Galick Gun- A Laser beam of Ki which he fires from the palms of his hands, has the destructive capability to destroy an entire planet.
  • Big Bang Attack- A huge explosion of Ki energy which emerges from Vegeta's body, covering a vast area.
  • Bang Beam- The Big Bang Attack, but instead of being a huge energy explosion, it is concentrated into a beam for precise accuracy.
  • Energy Bullet Volley- Vegeta fires a non stop continuous array of Ki Blasts, one after another, non stop, engulfing an opponent in an overwhelming amount of Ki blasts.
  • Final Flash Attack- A huge golden beam fired by Vegeta, arguably his most powerful attack, having destructive capabilities surpassing even that of the Galick Gun.
  • Super Saiyan- Vegeta can unlock the legendary form of Super Saiyan, granting him a 500% power increase. This increases his strength, speed, durability, and Ki power by 500%, making him incredibly powerful.
  • Super Saiyan 2- Vegeta can reach the 2nd version of the Super Saiyan form, granting him another 500% power boosts, making him even more powerful, and is stronger than Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form, as seen when Goku (As Super Saiyan 3) couldn't land a hit on Beerus, but a Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta gave Beerus a run for his money.
  • Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan- After training which the gods Whis and Beerus alongside Goku, Vegeta was given the ability to manipulate Godly Ki. When in his Super Saiyan form, Vegeta can imbue his Super Saiyan form with Godly Ki, transforming him into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, giving him power far surpassing any of his previous forms.

Vegeta is a cocky, arrogant fighter, prone to fighting beings far more powerful than himself, resulting in him getting beaten to the brink of death. But besides these flaws, Vegeta is a powerhouse, and only few can match him.


Billy Batson was a normal, foster kid. He didn't know his parents, but he really didn't care. Being at the age of 12, Billy was immature and bratty, but there was something inside him, something inside good, which caught the attention of the wizard known as Shazam, who decided to grant Billy with godly powers, resulting in Billy taking his mantle, now becoming SHAZAM!


  • SHAZAM! Shout- Billy is a normal kid, but whenever he even mutters the word Shazam, he is struck by a godly bolt of lightning, transforming him into Shazam. Shazam can revert back to his child form and back to his Shazam form by just saying "Shazam". Also, whenever he transforms from Billy to Shazam, or vice verse, all of his previous wounds are miraculously healed.
  • Wisdom of Solomon- Shazam possesses the vast knowledge and intellect of the god Solomon. This grants him knowledge of every science and language on Earth, Photographic Memory, and incredible strategic thinking. Shazam is given advice from the Wisdom of Solomon when in need, allowing him to come up with a solution to almost any predicament he finds himself in.
  • Strength of Hercules- Shazam is given massive superhuman strength, rivaling that of Superman, perhaps even surpassing him. Having the strength to move stars and planets, Shazam is incredibly powerful, as seen when he stalemated Superman in a arm wrestling competition.
  • Stamina of Atlas- This grants Shazam with insane durability and resiliency. Allowing him to take extreme punishment, and not feel a thing. Being near invulnerable, Shazam is a tank, and also has unlimited stamina, as he never gets tired or exhausted.
  • Power of Zeus- This grants Shazam resistance and immunity to all magical attacks, with a small exception to immensely high leveled attacks, and also supplies Shazam with the lightning bolt that transforms him into Billy and Shazam. When Shazam summons the lightning bolt from the sky to transform himself, he can dodge the lightning bolt and have it hit an opponent. Shazam can also discharge lightning from his hands to use as a long distance attack, as well as imbuing his body with lightning.
  • Courage of Achilles- This grants Shazam with courage and bravery, allowing him to take on any obstacle without fear. This also grants Shazam with fighting skills and mental immunity to telepathic attacks.
  • Speed of Achilles- The Speed of Achilles grants Shazam with superhuman speed and flight. Having speed that rivals Superman and even The Flash, Shazam is incredibly fast. His flight speed grants him the ability to fly at faster than light speeds easily.

Shazam is an incredibly powerful superhero, having taken on the greats. While susceptible to his childish immaturity, since he is still 12 years old, Shazam is still incredibly powerful.

Now that we know what these characters are made of, lets see who is more powerful then who in this Battle Arena.


(Vegeta is seen training with Goku on Beerus' Planet. They trade multiple punches and kicks, only for them both to stop fighting and to look over.)

Vegeta: Who the hell are you?

(Superman and Shazam are seen.)

Superman: We're members of the Justice League, and we're here to order you to stop you endless charade of trying to increase your powers.

Goku: What? It's not like we're hurting anyone.

Shazam: Over 5 planets were destroyed in the last month because of you 2 pissing off the one known as the God of Destruction.

Goku: Oh...

Vegeta: Well, what do you plan to do in order to stop us?

Superman: Turn you in, of course.

Goku: Um, Vegeta, do you think we should really be doing this?

Vegeta: Come on, Kakarot, it'll be good to fight someone else for a chance.

Goku: True.

(Goku and Vegeta get into a fighting stance.)

Shazam: Um, Supes, they're resisting...

Superman: I can see that.

Shazam: Are we really going to fight them?

Superman: If it comes to it.

Vegeta: Well it already has!

(Vegeta flies at Superman, only for Superman to punch Vegeta in the gut, sending him flying away. Goku then flies into Superman, where they fly off into space. Shazam then looks over at Vegeta getting up.)

Shazam: I guess i'll fight you then.

Vegeta: That red and blue twit, just wait until I get my hands on him.

(Vegeta looks at Shazam approaching him.)

Vegeta: I don't want to fight you, I want to fight your weirdly dressed friend!

Shazam: Well, your friend in orange kinda has him occupied at the moment, but we can fight!

Vegeta: Goddammit Kakarot! I guess i'll finish you quickly.

(Vegeta flies towards Shazam in anger, punching him in the face. Vegeta then begins to punch Shazam rapidly with a barrage of blinding punches. Vegeta then kicks Shazam in the chest, sending him flying into a building behind Shazam, shattering the building in the process. Shazam emerges from the rubble, only for Vegeta to appear in front of him where he uppercuts Shazam, sending him flying into the sky. Vegeta flies after Shazam, who quickly recuperates and sends his fists crashing down onto Vegeta's face, senidng him crashing down into the ground, shattering it.)

Shazam: You're quick, you better make this fun.

(Shazam flies down towards Vegeta who is getting up, punching him in the face, crashing him down into the ground again. Shazam begins to rapidly punch Vegeta over and over again, then grabs him by the throat and lifts him in the air.)

Shazam: Is that it?

Vegeta: Quiet!

(Vegeta kicks Shazam in the gut, slightly pushing him back. Vegeta then flips over, kicking Shazam in the face. Shazam smiles, then swings a fist straight into Vegeta, sending him flying away, crashing through many trees. Shazam then runs over to Vegeta, intending to punch him. Vegeta dodges his punch and delivers his own punch into Shazam's gut. Vegeta then proceeds to rapidly punch Shazam over and over again. Shazam, however, succeeds in catching Vegeta's fist.)

Shazam: You're going to have to do better than that.

Vegeta: Shut the hell up, you twat!

Shazam: Aw, little baby got offend-

(Vegeta roundhouse kicks Shazam n the face, sending him flying across a field.)

Vegeta: I wasn't thinking about killing you, until now!

(Vegeta flies in the air, then flies back down towards Shazam. Vegeta intends to punch Shazam with immense force, but Shazam catches the punch and is slightly pushed back. Shazam smiles and right hooks Vegeta in the face, sending him flying into many trees. Shazam walks over to the pile of trees, only for a volley of energy blasts to emerge from the trees, hitting Shazam over and over again. Vegeta hovers in the air and continuously fires Ki blasts at Shazam, engulfing him in a huge explosion of energy.)

Vegeta: Die you pathetic worm!

(Shazam is seen slowly getting up, tanking the energy blasts. Vegeta sees this, shocking him. Shazam then flies and comes up from beneath Vegeta, grabbing him by the throat.)

Shazam: SHAZAM!

(Shazam throws Vegeta in the air where he is suddenly struck by a lightning bolt, which crashes Vegeta down onto the ground, creating an explosion of lightning that shatters the ground. Shazam then slowly descends to the ground, only for a yellow aura to appear as Vegeta emerges from the rubble, yelling intensely.)

Shazam: What in the world?


(Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan, shocking Shazam. Vegeta then proceeds to rapidly strike Shazam over and over again. Shazam fails to try and react, but as Vegeta continuously strikes him over and over again with his fists and feet, Shazam stomps the ground, shattering it, resulting in Vegeta stumbling around. Shazam then flies into Vegeta, smashing both of his fists into Vegeta's gut. Shazam crashes Vegeta through many trees and houses, only for Vegeta to suddenly spin around, swinging his foot into Shazam's face, senidng him flying away. Vegeta then flies after Shazam, where the 2 trade many blows. Vegeta succeeds in dodging Shazam's punches, while delivering his own. Shazam then emits tons of lightnign from his body, resulting in Vegeta getting electrocuted as he punches Shazam in the gut. Shazam then grabs Vegeta, lifts him in the air, and pile drives him into the ground.)

Shazam: I learned that from wrestling.

(Shazam then kicks Vegeta, sending him flying across a field once again.)

Shazam: And I learned that from football.

(Shazam cracks his neck, then flies into Vegeta, grabbing his neck. Vegeta grabs Shazam's arm and holds it in place.)

Shazam: What are you doing?

(Vegeta smirks, then uses his Big Bang Attack, emitting an enormous explosion from his body, blowing Shazam away. Vegeta is seen breathing heavily while Shazam is laying on the ground. Vegeta flies after Shazam and sends his fist crashing into Shazam's gut as a finishing kill move, only for Shazam to grab Vegeta's arm and hold him in place.)

Shazam: So you want to play like that?

Vegeta: What?

Shazam: SHAZAM!

(Shazam quickly flies Vegeta into the sky, using him as cover as he flies straight into an impending lightning bolt. Vegeta yells in pain as he s struck by the lightning bolt and rammed through it. Shazam takes Vegeta into space and punches him, sending him flying away. Vegeta maintains stability, then growls in anger.)

Vegeta: I've fought gods, you fool! YOU ARE NOTHING! AHGHGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(Vegeta goes Super Saiyan 2, surrounding his yellow aura with sparks of blue lightning. Vegeta and Shazam then fly at eachother and they both deliver a punch to the face, sending them both flying away from eachother. Vegeta recovers first and flies towards Shazam, then fires a Galick gun down at the falling Shazam, who lands on his feet, and flies upwards into the Galick Gun beam. Shazam emits tremendous amounts of lightning from his body as he collides with the Galick Gun beam. Shazam succeeds in overpowering it, shocking Vegeta. Shazam crashes into Vegeta's gut with immense force, causing Vegeta to cough up blood. Shazam then right hooks Vegeta in the face, sending him flying away, crashing him into a nearby moon. Shazam flies after Vegeta, who throws a punch at the approaching Shazam. Shazam is punched in the face, sending him flying across the Moon. Vegeta then flies in the air and fires a Big Bang Beam, only for Shazam to get up and run away while the beam follows. Shazam succeeds and evading it, then flies in the air from underneath Vegeta, uppercutting him. This sends Vegeta flying into the sky even more.)

Shazam: Solomon, give me your wisdom!

(Shazam flies after Vegeta, punching him multiple times, only for Vegeta to suddenly catch his punch, then smile as he is surrounded by a blue aura.)

Shazam: You're kidding me.

Vegeta: To think I would resolve to using this.

(Vegeta smiles and kicks Shazam, sending him flying away, while Vegeta closes his eyes and his hair turns blue, transforming into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.)

Shazam: Okay, that's pretty damn cool.

(Vegeta suddenly appears in front of Shazam and punches him in the face, senidng him flying away. Shazam slows his momentum down and looks forward, only to get punched by Vegeta once again. Vegeta begins punching Shazam with immense amounts of force, sending Shazam flying around throughout the Solar system like a pinball. Shazam then emits lots of lightning from his body, resulting in Vegeta getting electrocuted upon physical contact. Shazam then grabs Vegeta and discharges immense amounts of lightning into Vegeta. Vegeta yells in anger and tanks the lightning, then uses Big Bang Attack again, blowing Shazam away. Vegeta then charges a Final Flash Attack, which Shazam sees.)

Shazam: I can't hold back!

(Shazam gets ready and flies towards Vegeta at full speed, while Vegeta fires his Final Flash Attack. Shazam crashes into the Final Flash attack and struggles to tank it due to its immense force. Shazam yells in pain as he struggles to reach towards Vegeta, who stops his Final Flash attack and right hooks Shazam, sending him flying to the ground. Vegeta then yells and flies after him. Shazam punches Vegeta in the face and the 2 trade blows. They punch and kick eachother, while Shazam summons as much lightning as possible in his attacks. Vegeta then fires another Energy Bullet Volley, then appears behind Shazam and fires another Final Flash Attack, sending Shazam blasting away down into a random planet, which shatters, engulfing Shazam in a planet busting explosion. Billy Batson is then seen floating in space dead. Vegeta slowly approaches him and smirks.)

Vegeta: Child.

Winner = Vegeta

Reason: While Shazam may possess the advantage in strength and durability, Vegeta's equal, if not superior speed and variety of Ki attacks will give him the win. There's no reason to say Shazam wouldn't be able to put up a fight, because of course he could, he could even hold off Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta, but he can only take so much. Vegeta's fighting style and merciless manner will put him on the offensive, and with his vast array of Ki attacks to choose from, he will overpower Shazam. Yes, Shazam will be able to tank most of it, but the destructive capability of Vegeta's attacks will prove to be too much for Shazam, since they have the ability to destroy planets. Also, Vegeta is a merciless killer, he will not hold back like some other Dragon Ball characters, meaning he will use his attacks at their full power. This, added with Vegeta's superior fighting skill will prove to be just enough to take out the Godly Shazam.


The Perfect Solider of Metal Gear!
The Perfect Solider of Metal Gear!


The badass with a Chainsaw/Gun Hybrid
The badass with a Chainsaw/Gun Hybrid

Hello everybody, I hope you enjoyed this Battle Arena just as much as I did making it. Make sure you share ti with your friends and feel free to give me any suggestions in the comments.


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