ByKieren Hayward, writer at
Kieren Hayward
Drive sequel? Could it happen?

The 2011 film Drive was a stylish crime neo-noir film, its style was fresh and electrocuted the audiences. Simply fantastic but the question is can there be a sequel? Not many know that Drive was based on the 2005 novel by James Sallis of the same name. I've previously started reading the book and it's good however it didn't grab my attention like the film did. Now has I said earlier and also what many feel, Drive bring a spectacular crime thriller needs a sequel. After James Sallis's novel was recreated into a film, James Sallis wrote the sequel titled 'Driven'.

The plot for a Drive sequel is already done and its ready to be used however does the original director Nicolas Winding Refn want to create a sequel to his previous marvelous thriller? Let's hope he gets the sense to because it would be great to see Ryan Gosling reunite into his character Driver and give another outstanding performance. Or is Nicolas Winding Refn going by the book and basing the sequel seven years after the original? Let's hope that he has the sense to create the sequel to Drive to deliver a second spectacular thriller.


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