ByMichele Teets, writer at

In the old film, (1980), the story was about Jason's mother being the killer and taking revenge on his death. The reboot, (2009), actually featured Jason as the full- grown serial killer wearing a hockey mask that we all knew. Not some zombie boy popping up out of the water of a lake, at the end of the film only. I think the original film took on a good script and storyline, and it started the whole Jason Voorhees legendary movie series, but it wasn't what viewers remembered as much as the adult Jason wearing the hockey mask. Friday the 13th part 2 was pretty good, Jason was full- grown, he was the killer, the look for him was good, but they weren't quite there yet. He only wore a bag over his head like a member of the KKK. It took until part III to get the iconic image. The reboot gets right to it. The acting was the same, (good), and the scenery was much better. The photography, movements, and lighting was fully visible. In the older films, it was harder to see much, it was too dark. And Jason was more vicious than ever. So now you see why I'd say the reboot was better.


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