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Next year, the DC Cinematic Universe will be in full swing with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Yet, fans are son enthusiastic as to anticipating the next few films beyond 2016, such as the Green Lantern. This year two names have been thrown into the mix as to who will play the latest incarnation of the character. Those 2 names are Chris Pine and Tyrese Gibson.

Many will know Chris Pine from the latest two Star Trek films as Captain Kirk, or perhaps Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit or Unstoppable, he is becoming known as one of Hollywoods most wanted leading men, he also has another two Star Trek films scheduled. Should he be the next Green Lantern, however? The problem is that he seems to be hired as a leading man just because Hollywood can, based on his latest acting skills is it safe to assume he would be a popular choice for the part? Would fans compare and except him? Would he be welcomed to the part with open arms?

The trouble is the Star Trek franchise has been known to underperform, commercially and critically and Jack Ryan was meant to be a tent-pole for a new Jack Ryan series, this however received mixed reviews, not a good start to a famous franchise reboot. It is difficult to take Chris Pine seriously as the leading man taking these into account and as a popular character expected to appear in multiple films, taking into consideration that he has commitments to Star Trek, among other films.

Interestingly enough he has also been in consideration for the part of the lead male in the latest Wonder Woman film, so he has he choice between the films. This role could be more interesting for him, it would allow him to flex his acting skills and accommodate his additional film roles and he can balance his past leading man experience with Gal Gadot's, it would make for a good leading chemistry.

Chris could however take the role if he held a similar personality to that of Jim Kirk when he was in training and a womanising show-off, as shown early in the first of the rebooted Star Trek films.

For Tyrese Gibson, his prospects for the role seem a little more encouraging. He has worked with Gal Gadot before in the Fast and Furious and may possibly work with Dwayne Johnson (also Fast and Furious) who is contracted to play Black Adam, another DC character. This combination would make good chemistry and bring a piece of that Fast and Furious juice that many fans from the Fast franchise would love to see in the DC films.

Tyrese is also enthusiastic and has expressed interest in the role for years, just as he is also when he is in the Fast films and in Transformers, so he has a good set of film franchises under his belt and his personality is genuinely cool and likeable, as he is in the fast films. This very quality would make him an appealing candidate for the Green Lantern role. He also known a little more to regular film goers and he is known for reprising multiple roles without hesitation. His roles are often supporting roles, so having him as the star would create a fresh take on a leading role.

Tyrese Gibson personally has my vote. How about you guys? Do you have a preference? I am just noting particular points about the two stars based on my opinion as the Green Lantern. Feel free to post your comments!


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