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James Nitzken
...things where however you interpret it, its the correct interpretation... Its why I can relate to it so much myself, now, I am not gay or bi for that matter, not that there is anything wrong with that. But, I am painfully shy in person which even on dates with my current gf has lead people to believe stupid things. So, I've been talked about, singled out, treated like a mutant "aka mutey" just because of anxiety/shyness, so I guess my point was, the reason why anyone can relate to this Francise "The X-Men" is because we've all had sometime in our life where we felt like we didn't belong or get treated with a huge amount of disrespect because we march to the beat of our own drum. rather then conform, to the ever popular, partier/jock/prep stereotypes. That being said, superman is a symbol of what we hope to aspire to so he helps us to see our best possible selves by leading by example another good story, just in a different universe, and one that is just now cominging together.

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