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I love DC , but I like Marvel
Harrie Taylor

The MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe) has gone from strength to strength over the past 8 or so years. With huge blockbuster hits such as the Avengers , Iron man ect aswell as many others.

So to the normal person , it would seem that Marvel are unmatched in the dominance over the superhero genre right now. However I do believe this is not the case


Now so far with only one film released (Man of steel) it would be hard to say how the DCCU is going pan out over then comic years. Will it be a success ? Or not ?

But I believe that it is the superheroes ,or hero in particular, that will be appearing in upcoming DCCU movies that is the main threat...


To put it simply batman has a huge fan base and is a favourite among many young audiences that will be seeing the movie. This means that a lot of people will go to the theatre and watch a film that has batman featuring in it. Just look at the success of the Dark Knight trilogy for instance...


With this taking into consideration it is no mistake that batman is appearing in a lot of DCCU movies in the near future.

1) Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

2) Rumoured short roll in the Suicide Squad

3) Solo Batman movie

4)Justice league movies p1/p2

5) highly likely appearance in Flash / green lantern movies.

What about Superman?

Now one could argue that it is superman that is the main reason for the threat , as he is too an crucial character in the DCCU movies along side Batman, but based on the success of previous Superman movies compared to that of the previous Batman movies , aswell as the large fan base Batman has it does seem logical that he is the main threat

But hey I could be wrong , just an idea after all !


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