ByPetros Savoulidis, writer at
... passion for dbz series and who wants to see a twig playing for goku and make picolo look like the mask admit they screw up big time on that ! Make it with computers so u can match the looks and go beyond the limit make it really spectacular look how many great movies we got from them all with stunning visuals and let sum director with passion for the film produce it who understand how the series work !! And by that i mean humor / darkness / Goku naive character plays throughout the series and get real when he needs to be or eating for a hundred people in 2 min etc etc etc i could probably make this into a full 2 hour read story but trying to keep it short. And make it similar to how the series is !! Whole generations and more are dbz fans and have a childhood related bond with dbz so that should cover the whole audience problem if there was to be an excuse for this next film cuz there is plenty of audience for dbz i also sincerely hope that this next film gets another chance in the nearby future!

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