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"I've got a real man crush on him (Norman)" - Andy
"I've got a real man crush on him (Norman)" - Andy

BROMANCE If you looked up that word in the dictionary, what it really should have beside it is a picture of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. These two certainly are the perfect example of one of the greatest "bromances" of all time. You can look all over the internet and find all kinds of fan pages dedicated to these two amazing men. Fans even coined a name for the characters that Andrew and Norman play on The Walking Dead. RICKYL (Rick + Daryl). YouTube is also full of Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon Tribute videos of this not budding, but already "bloomed" bromance. Here is a list of some of our favorite RICKYL moments (in no particular order). CHICKS (THE WALKING DEAD)'s

1. Just Want to Kiss Me Some Andy, Rickyl!

Norman giving "Andy" some kisses
Norman giving "Andy" some kisses

Norman loves licking people, as we all know, but Andy is special, so he gets Norman's kisses instead of his licks.

2. Just Hiding Out Under the Same Jacket Together Rickyl

TV GUIDE Magazine Photo Shoot
TV GUIDE Magazine Photo Shoot

This photo shoot that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus did for TV Guide Magazine turned out to be very playful and gave us yet another great moment from these two besties!

3. Can't Get Enough of Andy, Rickyl

Norman has proven that he loves giving Andrew Lincoln kisses, as tons of pics all over the internet show. Can we blame him? I would be giving them all day if I were Norman! You just keep giving those kisses Norman!

4. Man! We Are Looking Good! Rickyl

I am surprised that mirror could hold that much hotness! This is one of the best pics I've seen of these two.

5. Just Give Me Some More Kisses Man! Rickyl

Like we said, Norman just loves giving Andrew kisses. A true bromance indeed!

6. Just Whispering into Andrew's Ear Rickyl

Wouldn't you just LOVE to know what Norman whispered to Andy in this moment? It must have been really good to get that reaction from Andrew!

7. Acting All Surprised Rickyl

These two even make hanging out on the street with fans into a fun moment!

8. Just Snuggling on the Couch Watching Some TV Rickyl

Ok, they are not really watching TV together in this shot. They were in the middle of giving an interview, but it sure does look like they are all snuggled up together watching their favorite episode of TWD....but if that were the case, Andrew would have his head turned away, as he doesn't watch himself act on TWD.

9. Just Hilariously Applauding Andrew, Rickyl

I love Norman's sense of humor. He can take the most dull moments and turn them into something funny.

10. Norman Finally Gets Kisses Back from Andy, Rickyl

Finally, we get to see Andrew reciprocate all those kisses that he's been getting from Norman, and oh how sweet it is!

11. Just Hanging Out on Set, Rickyl

In between takes, these two "brudders" (as Shane would call it) share some great moments together.

12. Just Staring into Each Others Eyes , Rickyl

Photographs by John Russo
Photographs by John Russo

Even at photo shoots, you can see the love these two share for one another. Even as they look into one another's eyes, they are so caught up in each other that they don't even notice that Walkers are all around them! LMBO

13. He's My Best Friend, Rickyl

Even at the Atlanta Magazine Photo shoot, the photographer knew how to snap believable pics of these two together. A friendship that goes beyond....they ARE brothers....

14. "IT'S SELFIE TIME!" Rickyl

We all know that Norman is the selfie King. Here, he takes a selfie of Andrew and himself while taking a break during filming, as Norman, with his arm around Andy, gave the camera some "dirty looks."

15. Teaching Scott Wilson the Norman "Lick," Rickyl

We all know that Norman is famous for licking people. In this pic, he and Andrew show Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) some of the basic techniques Norman uses when he licks someone! Lol

16. Just Having a Latte, Rickyl

I love the look on Andrews face in this GIF. Who knew just drinking a latte could be so much fun!

17. The Sexy Double Stare, Rickyl

One of my favorite pictures of these two together. Absolutely gorgeous . The older they get, the better looking they get.

18. What the Heck Is He Doing? Rickyl

I love Andrew's reaction to Norman in this GIF. Priceless.

19. Just Eating Lunch Together, Rickyl

This cute photo of Andrew and Norman taking a break on the set of ASZ in TWD's Season 5 is adorable. As with the "To Me You are Perfect" signs that Andrew held up in the movie "Love Actually," this sign that Norman is holding has been used all over the internet for other "personal" messages. The original writing on the piece of paper that Norman is holding was a note from the guy that delivered their food to the set that day, asking if he could play a walker on the show! No word on whether or not they actually allowed him to.

20. Hug Me Brother! Rickyl

One of their sweeter moments. Norman gets up and comes over and hugs Andrew during this interview. I love how close these two really are. It's not an act for the cameras, it's a real life bond.

On and off set, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have a friendship that most of us only dream of having with someone. They are respectful to one another and share a true bond, not only as Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes portray on the show, but as real people sharing a real friendship. They are honest and never go around leaking or selling stories about one another, like we have seen so many times before with these fake "Hollywood" friends. They've never stabbed one another in the back or betrayed one another's trust. It's a friendship, bond, bromance, brotherhood, relationship, (whatever you want to call it) that everyday people can and should learn from. Thank you Andrew and Norman for giving us all hope that a pure and decent relationship like this can and does exist!

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