Bycraig ydolly, writer at

I just saw Ant-Man again and I still loved it the second time around I had to which it again for the ester egg's. I love Marvel endings and after credit shots, if you didn't see it just stay in your seats until the movie is fully over.

OK first Pual Rudd did his thing I loved the way he mixed humor and reluctance in being a frist time superhero. I always wondered how or if Ant-man as a comic book character could work on the big screen and it did. If you don't know who Ant-Man is Pual Rudd's character is a mix of all three Ant-Mans.

Marvel studios put them nicely together. They showed the orignal Ant-man Henry Pym played by Michael Douglas and the other two Marvel character Scott Lang, ex cat burgary and dead beat daddy. Plus mixed in Eric O'Grady the funny untrustworthy Ant-Man and mashed them up into a great new member for the next Avengers movie. The supporting cast was great Michael Pena was funny as Scott Lang's ex con friend. The villain was good the whole movie was fun to watch and I love the actress who played Hope Pym. The special effects was cool, funny and great. I laugh a lot and that's hard to do in a superhero movie. Great cameo's Marvel can do it all a most see for kids and comic book fans.


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