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I am a very picky when it comes to movies/television shows. I believe that actors should know their lines enough to be able to add emotion t
Gregory King

Witches of East End was a great 2 seasons, very excitable family. Each episode gets more dramatic than the last, on the final season the girls finally gets to meet their grandfather, the King of Azgard. He banished his daughters, his son by marriage, and his first set of granddaughters from Azgard, not without giving them curses, Joanna gets cursed with immortality and losing her daughter (her daughters die a lot), then she is cursed to give birth to them over and over again. Wendy is cursed to be able to transform into a cat, but with that she only has 9 lives. Even though they cancelled the seasons for now, it was a great 2 seasons, I really hope they decide to make a new season.


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