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There are currently 720 Pokémon! It's insane to consider that nearly 20 years ago the massively popular franchise started with just 151 Pokémon - and it's highly likely 720 will not be the end of the pocket monsters, either. This article will look at 10 of these Pokémon and the animals that inspired their creation - including a couple of prehistoric monsters from our past!

1. Treecko

Treecko is the small tree lizard that was the player's option for a grass starter Pokémon in Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald. A superb climber with a pair of thick tails for fat reserves is a good match for the small Gold Dust Day Gecko whom is an excellent climber due to its specially designed feet.

2. Fennekin

Staying with the starter Pokémon is Fennekin that is the fire starter Pokémon in the 6th Generation of the games. With its big ears and cute fluffy tail, it matches the characteristic of the Fennec Fox perfectly.

3. Relicanth

The Relicanth was thought to be extinct for millions of years until it was discovered in the island region of Hoenn in the game series. A story which matches perfectly with the Coelcanth, who was also thought to be long gone until found off the coast of Africa in the 1930s. Also, just look at the pair of them, the resemblance is uncanny.

4. Heliolisk

The electrifying Heliolisk expands its frill when attacking another Pokémon. In a similar fashion the Frilled-Neck Lizard does the same to make itself look bigger and intimidating to its foe.

5. Clawitzer

The giant claw on Clawitzer allows it to shoot water at its enemy like a cannonball at speeds of up to 60 knots. The Alpheidea uses the same technique to stun nearby prey, making for an easy meal.

6. Swoobat

The cute heart shaped nose on Swoobat gives it the ability to attack its opponent using the attack 'Heart Stamp.' Well, the small cute Honduran White Bat was the inspiration behind the heart-nosed Pokémon due to its own unusually shaped sniffer.

7. Wooper

Wooper is the armless Axolotl of Pokémon. Both Wooper and Axolotls have external gills which look like decorative frills by their heads, however, unlike Woopers, Axolotls never venture outside of their lakes.

8. Anorith

Delving into the past, Anorith, the ancient and now extinct Pokémon, takes its inspiration from the first large predator to stomp around the Earth. With natural hard armor protecting their bodies, the Anomalocaris was the first super-predator to patrol our oceans.

9. Kabuto

Kabuto, another extinct Pokémon, was one of the original three fossil Pokémon in the first Generation of the games. But the animal that inspired them is still around today in the form of Horseshoe Crabs. The question is, do Kabuto have blue blood like our ocean's Horseshoe Crabs?

10. Cranidos

Our final Pokémon is another fossil Pokémon, but this one is inspired by our very real hard-headed Pahycephalosaurus. Cranidos was the first fossil Pokémon to resemble an actual dinosaur. This led to other fossil Pokémon taking inspiration from the past rulers of the land, too.

Remember, these are merely 10 Pokémon out of 720, and I am well aware that there are many, many others that were inspired by familiar animals - both past and present. Stay tuned for more posts like this!


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