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One of the smallest heroes takes the big screen and the #1 spot! Crawling into the #1 lead is "Ant-Man" with a decent 58 million for its debut. Just shy of expectations but still very solid. Average drop to #2 is "Minions" with another 50.2 mill and now well over the 200 mill cume mark. Still doing well and should hit 300 when it is all said and done. New at #3 is "Trainwreck" with a showing of 30.2 mil. Much lower than expectations but pretty much what I expected. Hanging on to #4 is "Inside Out" with 11.7 mil and crossing the 300 mil threshold. It is losing it's steam so it should cap out around 340 or less. Rounding off the top 5 is "Jurassic World" with another 11.3 mil in its 6th weekend and a cume of over 611 mil. Getting closer to capping out for the Summer but it was sure a heck of a run!

New movies next week:
Three new wide releases due this week ... up first is "Southpaw" with about 2200 runs and could open mid to high teens. Low buzz on the film and no reviews on it as of yet which could indicate a problem with the film. Up next is "Paper Towns" with 3100 runs and could appeal to the young crowds, primarily female with this romantic drama. These types of films have surprised the numbers in the past but I am thinking maybe 20 mil. And the third film this week is "Pixels" with Adam Sandler. He is not a great draw these days but this film looks fun and should also have some nostalgic from 80's video-gamers. I think this could hit low 30's.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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