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Marvel came out strong and everyone just hopped on the marvel bandwagon, I saw so many "marvel fans" pop out. And don't get me wrong, Marvel has done a great job, but all great movies, lets get real. Every marvel movie has been predictable (saw the ending coming from 1/2 way point) and forgettable. Whereas TDK or Man of Steel, those endings caught everyone by surprise, those emotional rides stayed with you weeks after seeing them. The grit and lack of "hero-worship" got to your core. For the unaffliated, 'Hero-worship" is what makes a superhero movie just a superhero movie, this is where the heros save everyone, you never see innocents die, etc etc. Man of Steel actually added little ppl into the destruction scenes so you saw them die, it was all very real, far from your standard, kid-friendly super hero film. Again, dont get me wrong, I love Marvel movies, they are fun, enjoyable, simple, and you can take kids to them without fear. That said, Marvel movies will always feel like you are dealing with the B-List. Not matter how funny Tony Stark is, he will never feel as important or as iconic as Batman. Hulk or Thor will never be Superman or Wonder Woman. Quicksilver will never be The Flash. Marvels most iconic A-Listers like X-Men and Spiderman are own by Fox/Sony. Granted we are finally getting Spidey. So please fanboys, stop with the DC hate, its annoying, just accept that the kings have returned for their crown. Marvel has been in mainstream spotlight since Ironman, like never before. But DC has ruled the mainstream for the 60+ years before that, that is not for no reason. It was only a matter of time before they came back. Look the top 10 most expensive comics every sold, 8 of them are DC, and the top 5 are all DC. Marvel holds #6 and #10 spot. There's a reason for that as well. DC holds the A-Listers. Need there be more said?


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