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Last Weekend, Warner Bros. released the first teaser of Suicide Squad and boy was it a doozy! They showed everything from Harley to Deadshot, from Croc to Delevingne, and of course, save the Joke for the punchline. If you haven't seen it well here it is:

And that's a Bee Gees song! (shivers) Well, anyway, after reviewing the trailer many times and looking at all of the set photos so far, I have come up with a bunch of major plot points for how I think the movie will play out. Remember, these are fan-made plot points; so don't go freaking out over a theory that may not even be true. These are the plot points in chronological order:

  • Movie starts off with dinner between Amanda Waller and two other gentlemen (one of which could be David Harbour's character- I'm not sure). Waller explains her plan involving 7 criminals: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, El Diablo, and Slipknot.
  • Lawton (Deadshot), Harkness (Boomerang), Katana, and Weiss (Slipknot) agree to offers and escape quietly, Croc is heavily transferred, Diablo is flushed out through a sewage pipe, and Harley behaves badly.
  • Waller briefs the team that they will be under the supervision of her trusted lieutenant, Rick Flagg and his team of soldiers. They will be heading to Midway City in order to infiltrate a government building that houses something Waller desperately wants.
  • Some heated arguments occur in Midway City between squad members and soldiers and amongst the squad themselves. Things blow over and they reach the building where they find the package is a woman (Enchantress) sitting in tub of blackish water, with grass growing out, and a pentagram painted on the wall in blood. Enchantress gets scared at first and uses her powers to causes a couple soldiers to melt. Slipknot and Katana are able to calm her down, while Croc picks her up and they walk out of the building.
  • As they are about to leave, Harkness accidentally trips a silent alarm, which causes the Midway police and government helicopters to close in. The squad escapes by destroying one of the copters, but the propeller blades fly off and slice off one of Slipknot's arms.
  • Waller is furious that the authorities were involved but approves the mission a success. The team is given relaxation time and mingle: Lawton and Harkness start to respect one another; Harley makes moves to seduce Lawton; Moone (Enchantress) starts to open up to Slipknot about how she got her powers; Flagg attempts to take advantage of Moone.
  • The origins of Deadshot and Harley Quinn are explored.
  • Meanwhile, in Gotham, The Joker starts to wreak havoc. Along with his aide Jonny Frost (Jim Parrack), they recruit Mark Richards-The Tattooed Man (Common) to get attention of the Squad.
  • Waller sends the squad, including Slipknot with a metal arm and a fully costumed Enchantress, to Gotham in order to execute the Joker, but not to engage the Batman if present.
  • As they come in contact with the Joker, a trap is sprung when one of the soldiers Wilson (Scott Eastwood) betrays the squad by shooting Flagg in the head. Harley starts to developed a rekindled attraction to the Joker and goes to side with him. The tattooed man appears and identifies Weiss (Slipknot) as the one who killed his son. Wilson forces Weiss to fight Richards and by cheating and using his powers, Richards wins by decapitating weiss' head.
  • The other Squad members are about to be executed when Moone becomes so angry that she releases a giant energy blast that sends everyone flying back. Wilson gets thrown down an elevator shaft. A battle ensues as Richards engages the rest of the Squad while the Joker and Harley Quinn escape in Joker's Lambo. Deadshot and Boomerang attempt to follow but are stopped by Batman who tells them he'll deal with Joker. Batman jumps on the Lambo and attempts to break in. He does and grabs Harley before Joker crashes into a wall at high speed. Batman checks the aftermath and sees that the driver seat is empty.
  • During the intense battle Enchantress uses her powers to increase Croc's build and he charges at and rips Richards into pieces. The battle over, the 6 remaining squad members escape when Waller wants all of them under arrest for failing the mission. Moone uses her power to re-attach Weiss' head as the squad gives him a burial. Deadshot and Boomerang decide to run while they still can, Croc retreats to the sewers of Gotham, Katana, El Diablo, and Enchantress all return to Waller as faithful to throw the scent off the others.
  • Post-credits: Waller talks to Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) about how the squad program is a success and that they have a new weapon they can use. They go to a hospital to meet a very hurt but very much alive Wilson as he wakes up from his coma. Waller wants him to become her new government sanctioned assassin. He turns his head to reveal his scars and gouged right eye. The name on his dog-tag says Slade J. Wilson. He agrees on two terms: He gets an armor upgrade, and that he gets his own codename: Deathstroke.

Well? What do you think? First of all, I just want to say that I have NO connections what so ever with Warner Bros. or DC Entertainment. The plot points above are just fan-guessed theories based upon DC comic material, Numerous set photos, and the trailer at the top. If you have a different theory or something that I am mistaken on, sound off below. Otherwise enjoy and can't wait til next summer.


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