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It has been a week since the latest Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer and most people are speculating what all of what they saw means. Well I came up with a few theories, some of which could be spot on or completely wrong. And with that, possible (spoilers) are on the rise. I am not dissecting the trailer as much as taking huge moments from the trailer. So, here...we...go!

With the destruction of Metropolis comes consequences.

After the massive amount of destruction inflicted onto Metropolis that had their citizens and movie goers saying "What the hell man?!". It was criticized by viewers saying that there was way too much action and destruction, and Superman and the other Kryptonians made such a mess of things. Well I am sure most thought this was going to be swept under the rug, but this movie is proof that they had other things in mind. Let's look real quick at the key components of the destruction.

Downtown Metropolis and the Lexcorp Tanker truck

Let's face it, God's were having a fight, what did you expect? A world engine was slamming cars and people repeatedly onto the pavement, but more destruction continued when these two locked it up. During this battle, Zod kicked a tanker truck at Superman that was owned by a very lucrative businessman by the name of Lex Luthor. I'm sure he is not hard up by the loss, but all damaged property of Lex's must be accounted for. While this is minor for him, the gaudy display of power has certainly got his attention. I'll get back to him later.

Wayne Enterprises Satellite

These guys were all over the place. They were even out of this world, literally, and straight onto Wayne Enterprises satellite. They didn't stay on there too long, as Zod broke it apart and used it as a weapon. Well, if you who Bruce Wayne is, you also know he also is, Batman,or at least was. But that's not where it gets interesting.

Bruce was there during the destruction of Wayne Enterprises building and Metropolis

What we didn't know about the movie Man of Steel was that Bruce Wayne was in thick of it when the buildings were crashing down all around the citizens of Metropolis. He saw first hand the destruction they both were causing, namely the building that got heat visioned to hell.

While people were running away in fear, he ran towards the danger to save a little girl.

Now it is assumed that this Bruce Wayne was retired from being the crime fighter known as Batman. Based on what happened and this new super being that is among them, this compelled him to dawn the cowl once more.

Theory: Batman comes out of retirement and discovers many disturbing revelations, the biggest one is Superman and his powerful influence which could potentially be very dangerous for all that are among him. Unchecked power could be very dangerous.


In the trailer, Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is hovering around a Kryptonite in a glass case. Must have been that underwater scene where someone was scuba diving for bad ole Lex to retrieve it. There was also a scene where Superman was seemingly at the mercy of Lex so here is what I think is going on.

Theory: I think that Superman has been manipulated into doing Lex's bidding. With the Kryptonite in play, it can't be ruled out. Another theory is that it is possible that this may not even be Superman at all. Here's why I think so.

Superman is too strong to...strong-arm.

If Lex is threatening Superman with Kryptonite, I find it hard to believe that he could maintain control him. Superman would find a way to break free, he is Superman.

The gestapo entourage.

Why would Superman need assigned guards everywhere he goes?! I think a creation that is the property of another would only have such a tight lease, especially if he malfunctions.

He is picking a fight with Batman.

Unless you were just born yesterday, it is ill advised that you confront someone dressed like bat, especially the one named Batman. I think Lex sent Superman after a potential threat that being Batman which will make sense in the next category, the vs. fights.

The Red Capes are coming.

Finalizing the theory off and a big point is what Lex Luthor was saying towards the end of the trailer.... "The red capes are coming....The red capes are coming..." I think he meant that literally. If he has a Superman clone(s) in the mix, he must be planning to make an army. And what he said was similar to a colonial war quote, "The redcoats are coming", and repeat. Lex appears to be the primary villain of this movie and is very dangerous.

The vs. fights.

There were numerous action sequences that has some major intrigue. let me start with the lady first.

Wonder Woman vs. ???????

We don't know who she is throwing down with, but one thing I am certain of is this...

Theory: I am not sure who she is fighting, but it is not in Gotham or in Metropolis. It may not even be Superman. If you look at the background in the trailer, it looks like ancient ruins. I can't imagine this Batman / Superman situation has fallen onto her homeland's doorstep, but you never know. She will definitely have to help the two big boys see eye to eye make their Trinity complete.

Desert Batman vs. Superman Gestapo.

Well this fight is very interesting, what's going on with Urban Desert Batman fighting Superman's entourage? Well I have a small theory on this.

Theory: I think Batman has been watching Superman and his new crew ever since they made their appearance together, I'm not sure if they did publicly or not, but Batman took notice and discovered something was not on the up and up with them. So enters One Man Army Batman on a mission to take them out, I guess. Nothing too strong here except... All Batman accessories are sold separately.

Batman vs. Superman I

Theory: I'm not sure if this is the first battle or second one, but I'm almost sure they fight twice. They certainly have multiple confrontations that led to the fight(s). But a thought I have about this one fight in the screenshot here was...Batman was almost obliterated by a heat beam that was as big as his body. Now that is not very Superman like, kind of my point why I think it is a clone or something else. One point I didn't come with on my own has to be credited Mr. Sunday Movies. Now I haven't mentioned one key element in the trailer being Zod's body.

Lexcorp looks like they got their hands on Zod's body, and Lex most likely was dissecting and experimenting on him. Now where Mr, Sunday Movies was getting at which makes sense that he tried to create his own Superman and ended up turning into DOOMSDAY. It is a strong possibility that could happen. But does that kill my theory? Not necessarily. If Lex is planning on making a Superman army, the subjects could start making a turn for the worst. They could into multiple DOOMSDAYS which also makes sense because of the trio of superheroes had to fight an army of DOOMSDAYS in the Batman Superman #10 comic which would be totally awesome if they do go that route.

Armored Batman vs. Superman: Battle II

Well it could be very possible this is either battle one or two depending on what is actually happening in the film. Either way, I am looking forward to the fight, However...My theory might be a buzzkill.... okay, here we go.

Theory: I believe this fight will a be real good fight, but this is not a real fight. I believe that this is just mirage to hide that these two guys are finally on the same page, and the only way they can deceive the puppet master Lex, is to make him believe that they are fighting to the death, because I am sure Lex wants Batman dead. Enter no longer the clone Superman, if he indeed was a clone.

Like the graphic novel, Batman seemingly beat Superman only to die due to heart failure. That is where he will trick Lex and stop his evil plans, maybe. I think it makes sense.

In Summary

Look, I can be completely wrong, but I certainly hope not. I think Batman having a good reason to fight Superman will make for a good movie and the deception involved could really raise the stakes to epic proportions. Watch the trailer and see if there is some logic to what I theorized.

Comment below and Thank you for reading.


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