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Andrew Choo
...wing that Hulk can't beat him twice the same way. In the end, Doomday will kill Hulk. If Superman attacks Sentry's heartstrings as you call it, the Void will probably "attach" onto Sentry, causing Sentry to physically rip Superman in two. When this happens, Superman is no longer Superman, but rather Deadman. Sure, Sentry isn't as smart as Superman, but Superman isn't that smart either. Sentry vs. Superman: Sentry would probably win in the end, esp. if it is to the death. Also, if it is Death-seed Sentry, well, GG Superman. Another key thing to remember about Sentry are his OP powers: The power of a million suns, a power of level 10+, molecular manipulation; with the Void's help, he even ripped off the Hulk's limbs and calmed down the Hulk with his light projection, so another 2 GGs. He has shown almost no weaknesses except his mind and control. Also, he can regenerate his body from all injuries and resurrect other people, like his wife. He is class 100+ and has even been named Marvel's top powerful superhero at one point in time. He has destroyed Dr. Doom's shields and will destroy Superman. So GG m8!

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