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With the impending Independence Day 2, why not go over some of the best terrorist butt kicking, plane taking back, alien and vampire killing presidents we've ever seen onscreen!

After a quick search, there are enough actors who have played the POTUS in the movies and TV shows to fill 3 Air Force Ones. So let's narrow it down a about the times the president (real life president or made up one for the show) was involved in the action, or were just hilarious or memorable for their roles!

Harrison Ford, James Marshall
Air Force One



Yes, I did say that 3 times. And even thought it's more the taxpayer's plane, but still, best line ever!

Bill Pullman, Thomas Whitmore
Independence Day

Today we celebrate...sequels!
Today we celebrate...sequels!

He'll be reprising his uplifting-speech-making role in Independence Day 2! Probably more along the lines of and ex-prez, but prez, nonetheless.

Martin, Sheen, Jed Bartlet
The West Wing

No cigars here!
No cigars here!

Showing us how a real POTUS should act.

Dennis Haysbert, David Palmer

Jack's biggest fan
Jack's biggest fan

I had to add "and TV shows" in the top line just for this guy! I don't think I'll ever get over the episode where he was assassinated while looking out that damn window. And another 24 prez:

Cherry Jones, Allison Taylor

she was one tough b#tch!#tch!" title="she was one tough b!">
she was one tough b!

She was pretty kick-ass as the nation's first woman president! All the Hillary's of the world won't have nothing on her.

Benjamin Walker, Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Sure, Daniel Day-Lewis tore it up as Honest Abe in Lincoln, but did he get to kill any vampires in his off-hours? I think not!

Robin Williams, Theodore Roosevelt
All the Night at the Museum movies

RIP, R-dub

Mary McDonnell, Laura Roslin
Battlestar Galactica

Saving mankind is on her mind!

Brett Stimely, JFK
Multiple movies!

hope he decontaminates that hand
hope he decontaminates that hand

This guy deserves a mention just because of how many movies he's played Kennedy in. Transformers and Watchmen being two of them. Pretty impressive! It helps when you look exactly freakin' like the guy!

Jay Koch, Ronald Reagan
Multiple movies, just like Brett Stimely.

He was the "digital" Reagan on the monitor in Back to the Future 2:


And in Hot Shots! Part Deux:

So, it's not him, but still!

Morgan Freeman, President Beck
Deep Impact

we will rebuild! *clap clap*
we will rebuild! *clap clap*

POTUS, God, documentaries about penguins...this guy has done it all! And while he didn't really rope and ride any asteroids in this movie, his speeches to the american people were heartfelt and real, making it feel like a Texas-sized rock was about to kill us all. Hey, if it's going to happen, one of the last voices you'd like to hear is his, am I right? AM I RIGHT? No?


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