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In the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice a scene is viewed in which Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne comforts a little girl amidst the rubble of what is assumed to be his building. The whole trailer is extremely exciting and chalked full of information. Including a certain image of Batman jumping off a ledge! This fact plus the basic plot comparisons points to The Dark Knight Returns, a graphic novel in which Batman fights an ever dangerous Superman. Zach Snyder says that some creative points have been taken from the Dark Knight Returns, but it is not a direct comparison. However, in the Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelly is the new Robin. So with her being the rumored Robin for this movie, some things in the trailer could make more sense. Such as this image:

Bruce Wayne comforts girl
Bruce Wayne comforts girl

Now the girl does look very young but it is unclear based on the image and angle. I am thinking that maybe she is meant to be Carrie Kelly! Seeing as how Batman loves to make child soldiers out of orphans, it could be seen that this girl's parents died in the building destruction, contrary to the comics. This could prove to be another thing we will find out when the film is actually released!

Another Easter egg that has not been very well documented is the showing of "The Riddler" in the trailer. Specifically in this image

The Riddler's symbol
The Riddler's symbol

This image seems to take place in some sort of abandoned warehouse with graffiti on the pillars and walls. If you look in the left corner you could see a question mark, specifically the kind of question mark the Riddler leaves around!

Now this could be a meaningless Easter Egg that doesn't hint at anything for the film or the future. However, with how the director is, I doubt anything happens for no reason! So, I do not think the Riddler will be in this film, maybe a hint at Edward Nygma, but no actual Riddler! Then in the Batman standalone film the Riddler shows up! That could prove to be big!

For the last Easter egg, lets go over this image

As you can see a printed paper with the cover of an unnamed newspaper shows how many people were killed in the collapse of one of the Wayne towers! If you look closely you see it was mailed to him by someone. It was also mailed to Bruce Wayne so we know it is about the tower falling and not Robin's death. Based on how it is written I think that the letter is from a certain Jason Todd setting up the standalone film in which they fight. For those who do not know, Jason Todd or the Red Hood goes on an escapade to mentally and psychologically torture Batman before actually fighting him! I may be wrong but I hope I am right, the entire Bat family fighting the Red Hood could prove to be a very great standalone movie!

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