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Just little over a week ago, the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad rolled in, and fans all over the world nearly died of excitement. After all, a conflict between the two heroes (Batman and Superman) on the big screen has been in demand for years. Not to mention that The Joker is back in Suicide Squad, along with Harley Quinn and a bunch of other awesome villains.

The DC Cinematic Universe sure is surrounded by a tremendous amount of hype, but the real question is; will it be able to match (or overtake) the massively successful and popular Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here are 5 reasons why I think the DCCU will be better than the MCU.

Iconic Heroes

Who doesn't know Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman!? Thanks to several awesome cartoons (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League), animated films, and hollywood blockbusters (The Dark Knight Trilogy), a lot of non-comic book readers know about the origins and powers of the main DC heroes and villains.

Batman is probably THE most famous superhero ever, with Superman close behind. Wonder Woman is an excellent female protagonist, something which has been lacking in the MCU. DC have a huge advantage over Marvel here as these characters are already so recognisable and established that they don't need a long backstory to introduce them into their Cinematic Universe.

This allows DC to focus on other areas. Its been the dream of thousands of people worldwide, and is finally coming true. After this, we are getting a Justice League movie, with even more characters like Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and possibly Martian Manhunter.

Badass Villains

Good villains has always been a difficult thing for Marvel it seems. The only ones who really impressed me were Loki and Winter Soldier. Characters such as Red Skull, Yellowjacket, and Ultron had such good potential, but were not portrayed well, mostly due to lack of a good story arc for them. And then there were villains like Mandarin, Whiplash, and Malekith, who made me (and many others) cringe in horror and disgust.

On the other hand, DC's upcoming villains include the likes of Lex Luthor, he Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and other members of the Suicide Squad, in just two films. The roles are in hands of good actors, who can surely do justice to the character, if the storyline is right.

What DC is doing with Suicide Squad is a huge gamble - making a movie solely based on villains, and that too so early in their Cinematic Universe (Suicide Squad will be the 3rd movie in the DCCU).

DC also has a further roster of villains which can be put to good use in Sinestro, Black Adam, Darkseid, and Doomsday. With directors like Zack Snyder making the movies, DC has the capability to totally rock this.

Darker Themes

I assume we all have seen Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy by now. The level of seriousness in those movies was eerie. Nolan did an amazing job of delving deep into human emotions, using The Joker, by turning Harvey Dent (Two-Face), nicknamed Gotham's "White Knight", into a crazy madman seeking revenge. .

In fact, the whole trilogy is based on the deepest of human emotions:

Batman Begins: Fear

The Dark Knight: Chaos

The Dark Knight Rises: Pain and Hope

Last year, another incarnation of Gotham City was seen on the TV series Gotham. Personally, it was one my my favourite depictions of the city. It showed how dark ad twisted the city is deep inside; A place where crime mobs rule, officials and government officers are corrupt and rotten to the core.

DC/CW showed viewers another Gotham-like city on the TV series Arrow. Starling City was shown as a corrupt and oppressive city, where the rich dominated and the poor were left to starve and die.

This is the case in real life as well. And thats where DC zooms ahead of Marvel - they connect with the viewers on an emotional level, and making it so realistic just enhances the quality of their work. These are things you won't see in a Marvel movie, which tend to be more on the lighter note, with heroes coming up with hilarious one liners.

Even though keeping the movies entertaining is a good idea, sometimes Marvel tends to overdo it a little too much, especially in movies where it should have been a bit more serious (Age of Ultron, Winter Soldier). Whereas, DC tend to overdo the grim and sinister atmosphere. However, if DC can manage to crack occasional jokes in there movies (here come in Green Lantern and The Flash), it would be perfect.

DC is a bit more secretive

When it comes to revealing their movies, DC keeps just the right amount of secrets. Somehow, they manage to make it so exciting, yet without disclosing major details of the movie. Lets take an example. Two of the most hyped upcoming films for next year are DC/WB's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (coming March 23, 2016) and Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (coming May 6, 2016). At this point, we have seen a glimpse of Batman vs Superman from the trailer (which has over 35 million views in about a week) however, we have not seen anything for Civil War.

Though we already know WHAT Civil War is going to be about (Superhero Registration Act - Iron Man in support, Captain America opposing), we have no solid evidence on why Batman and Superman will be fighting. Just giving us a tiny, 3 minute footage of the film has made us all so excited, creating fan theories about what will happen, and just hyping up the movie until its release. Also, DC showed Wonder Woman in the trailer for about... 5-7 seconds? Wonder Woman is one of the most trending talking points about the trailer. In just a few SECONDS.

Its a similar situation for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. The Joker had a minor presence, and still has everyone talking about him. Then again, we know a lot about movies like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Thor: Ragnarok already, compared to what we know about the Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern movies. And we know who the main villain for Avengers: Infinity War Part I & II will be already, whereas we don't know anything about the Justice League movies.

DC are way more effective at keeping secrets than Marvel, which is why they will have an upper hand, as it has created more excitement in fans.

Ownership of all characters

This one is a big bummer for Marvel Studios. Not being able to own all of their characters adds some restrictions to their movies. Which means that groups like X-Men (and all the mutants), Fantastic Four, and Avengers can't crossover, Spiderman couldn't join the MCU (until now, they struck a deal with Sony). Also, various smaller and lesser known superhero groups containing characters from multiple superhero teams can't be shown.

And that is where DC will be successful. As WB owns all of DC's characters, they can do anything they want with their films, giving them freedom to be creative, and keeping the fans more interested with a wider range of characters to show.

A Strong, Female Protagonist


This one is another sore point for Marvel. So far, we haven't seen a strong, female hero in the MCU (except for perhaps Black Widow.. Scarlet Witch has made an appearance at the END of Phase 2). This is a great opportunity for DC to overtake their competition, as Wonder Woman is an extremely popular hero, and showing her in a movie along with Batman AND Superman, that stuff has only happened in cartoons till now.

Many people also believe that she will be the key to resolve the conflict between Batman and Superman, and also the one assembling the Justice League. If DC/WB do that, it will be a nice change from the typical scenario where a male is heading a team of superheroes.

And that, folks, is why I think that the DCCU has potential to be even more successful than the MCU. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

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