...ern Corps. With that tidbit known, its safe to assume we will see more than one of Earth's Green Laterns. Looking back at its many visual productions, and talk and talk around town, is that DC loves Hal Jordan. And it's been rumored that DC is looking to again feature Hal before their recent announcement. I personally love Ryan Renyolds. I'm sure DC has heard the complaints of the first Latern film (which I don't understand) and would take that in consideration but the bigger criticism DC faces is being a copycat to Marvel. I believe DC plans to keep Renyolds as a way to tell critics, we began building our universe first (something they should have done with the conclusion of Smallville). And I believe DC will introduce John Stewart to appeal to blacks and Guy Garner. Guy was Jordan's backup in the comics. Chris Pine would make a great Guy, he even looks like him minus the bowl haircut. Though Tyrese has been spreading word on social media that he's going to be a Latern, he possibly could be, but my money is on DC's contract with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock. Not much as been said of that contract and its been said that Shazam will not be apart of the DCCU. I believe that a Green Lantern Corps film will allow DC to test the waters with 3 actors in one shot, with producers wanting to give Renyolds another shot but with a better script and two possible replacements that could serve as the leading man in a standalone Latern film. Ultimately, however, I see the physical direction DC is heading with their main stay characters, and its big and buff

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