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Brittany Alward
So much. But I think it would be a shame to cast him over Jeremy Irons as Scar, who voiced the animated version. If Jeremy weren't interested, however, I would be totally game for Gary Oldman. I love the idea of Johnny as Jafar - I would watch that man in anything - and Megan as the Evil Queen (because I think she has far more talent than people like to admit). Prince as Dr. Facilier is a stroke of genius, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who could see it. Helena is definitely ideal for Mother Gothel, and Ian McKellan is pure perfection in everything he does - if he didn't want to participate in another Disney live-action remake, though, I think that Alan Rickman would also be PERFECT for the role of Frollo (especially since we already know he can sing). As for Dafoe as Hades - I, too, think he would be BRILLIANT in the role. He is an immensely talented, yet remarkably under-appreciated, actor. He has the chops to play Hades - who is one of my favorite characters that Disney has ever adapted - and I would be THRILLED to see Dafoe play him. That being said, like with Scar/Jeremy Irons, I think they would be remiss not to approach the original voice actor - James Woods - first. If he didn't want to do it, though, Willem Dafoe is definitely perfect for the role. (p.s., he goes by Willem Dafoe, not William Dafoe).

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