ByCaleb Krimmel, writer at

I have a theory… It's probably not true but here it goes.

Jurassic World might be owned by Biosyn the rival to InGen creator of Jurassic Park.

Now, now don't yell at me just listen to my evidence. Yes I know that they didn't get the embryos because u know that the guy died and didn't get the can to Dodson.

But that doesn't mean anything.

The movie said that Biosyn was ten years behind InGen in research. The release date of Jurassic Park was 1993 and Jurassic World was 2015. So it is a 22 year difference enough time to catch up on research and build the park.

The Logos

I mean they can't use the same logo, right? So the changes it up a little bit.

They're slight differences but you know.

Dr. Wu

Yes I know he was in both but I think that he transferred since InGen failed so badly.


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